Create Whiteboard Animation Videos that will help you tell your story

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

WhiteBoard Animation is a technique where a prolific story and storyboard, with photos, is drawn on a whiteboard employed in advertising to convey messages in a unique fashion. It is a compelling method to engage viewers since the content is designed right in front of the latter, displaying both the artist and drawing in real-time. Excellent for contractors, startups, and organizations who aspire to get knotty data across, in a purely candid way. It is awesome for SEO as they are much easier to share across social media; people consume way more time on pages that contain videos.

Types of Whiteboard Animation Videos


Corporate Videos

Whiteboard animated corporate videos are a great medium to help your business grow and showcase its brand values and objectives.


Training Videos

Whiteboard animated training videos are a great way to instill the necessary skills and know-how for your business’ employees and the target audience.

telling a story

Educational Videos

Whiteboard animated videos are valuable content to accelerate the educational process for the target audience. The combination of imagery and audio enhances the learning experience.


Marketing Videos

Whiteboard Animated videos are a new-age marketing tool that enable your business to convey the intended message to the prospective customers in the form of an entertaining, easy-to-understand video.


Process Videos

Whiteboard animated process videos are essentially broken down into bits and pieces, thereby facilitating the explanation of a given topic or task.


Case Study Videos

As a business you have the right to market your products, your brand identity, and sing your own praises. But having other entities talk about you, in the form of case study videos, are a more credible and trustworthy alternative.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation engages viewers

As humans, we are inherently intrigued by something that is unveiled slowly, especially if the message conveyed is poignant. This intrigue keeps us engaged for long timespans. Whiteboard Animation Videos are able to do just that.


Whiteboard Animation boosts Brand Awareness

Since whiteboard Animated Videos are a great engagement tool, they help your business connect with your target audience, which automatically enhances brand awareness.

Whiteboard Animation increases Sales

Whiteboard Animated Videos organically increase your business’ page views and web traffic. Whiteboard animation keeps your followers interested in what you have to say and share, and helps you attract new viewers that are genuinely interested in your brand, products and services. That magnetic effect is bound to generate sales.


Whiteboard Animation tells a story

Whiteboard Animated Videos are all about drawing images that unravel bit-by-bit. They are engaging, they get the message across, and help your business’ brand become a purveyor of trust. Those three goals are achieved through telling a powerful story that resonates with the audience.