10 Best Whiteboard Animated Videos

We have already outlined the process behind the creation of whiteboard animated videos, and the numerous benefits behind producing these types of videos. And businesses have started to pick up on this highly-efficient video format. 

Companies are effectively starting to capitalize on the problem-solving nature of whiteboard animated videos, and the tools they offer for presenting various ideas in creative and innovative ways. Simply put, whiteboard videos are now part and parcel of their video marketing strategy.

Here are ten visually-appealing videos that may inspire your business to embrace whiteboard animation:

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Where Good Ideas Come From - Riverhead Books

The creator of the video, Steven Johnson, draws illustrations of different eye-catching scenes one after another. 

The video clearly outlines an engaging story that follows a clear plotline, and incorporates a fluid transition between each of the illustrations.

Thus, illustrations are brought to life and are combined into one beautiful animation.

Content 2020 Part One - Coca-Cola

Multinational beverage company Coca Cola is now widely recognized across the advertising landscape as a marketing innovator.

In this case, Coca-Cola has unveiled a whiteboard animated video that outlines their content marketing practices and business tactics. 

The video displays smooth design characteristics and the viewer can clearly notice the seamless transitions between scenes, further turning the video into an eye-pleasing experience.

Toyota Camry - Camry Tour Midsize Sedan Safety Technology 2014 Toyota Camry

This brief, 16-second-long whiteboard animated video is as compelling as videos that span between two and three minutes. Toyota explains the 2014 Camry’s blind-spot technology that improves public safety.

Both the framing and the composition of the video enable it to have clear, definite structure. The voiceover is also powerful and assertive enough to grab the audience’s attention in an organic way.

Health Mart - McKesson Corporation

This video, titled “Health Mart”, was produced for the McKesson to promote their health services. This whiteboard animation features a compact, solid hand drawn animation, alongside a high-definition resolution.

The video also incorporates fast-paced, yet seamless transitions between one frame and the other, thus keeping the viewers engaged and on their toes.

The Echo Sign - Adobe Inc.

The video produced for computer software company Adobe Inc. explains explicitly and succinctly its Echosign product.

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that enables the user to send, sign, track and manage signature processes using a desktop browser or a mobile device.

The whiteboard animation incorporates seamless transitions and object transformations. Movements are combined into different to give different sets of shape. On top of that, eye-catching visual effects add more style and distinctiveness to the animation.

Frog Prince - Red Bull

The success of Red Bull as an energy drink company could be largely attributed to its series of whiteboard animated videos that advertise the company’s products.

The videos use the now-famous slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings.”

Red Bull opted for a simplistic approach. The characters have a very simple design, yet their silhouettes are very distinctive. The animated video also has more punch to it by having a touch of humor to it.

All in all, the simple animation compels the target audience to buy and try the energy drink.

Apple A Day

This video is about a new task management application humorously dubbed “ apple a day”. 

While the animation is somewhat simplistic, the unique value proposition of this video is centered around the clever metaphor that links the app’s name to the famous quote “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Simply put, the plot of the video twists around the aforementioned metaphor gives the animation a more appealing and smart allure. 

Closed Loop - Banner

The video tackles the closed loop recycling solution by Banner. It perfectly highlights how the service could offer benefits to the environment, thus helping the company achieve its long-term goals.

It explains the nature of the service in a precise and concise manner, whilst using very few animations. In certain cases, people want to focus more on the explanation itself than the animation process, thus the minimalistic approach used by Banner.

Born to Learn

The purpose of the video is to raise awareness regarding several social issues. A whiteboard animated video is the perfect solution for brand awareness and engagement. 

The script of the video is solid and clear, and its purpose is to inform the viewers’ capacity to learn, evolve and their ability to adapt to challenging situations. The script also focuses on why the learning process should begin from infancy. 

The authoritative nature of the voiceover work will enable the organization to reach a wider audience and further its objectives.

The Story of Stuff

This powerful video explains the relationship between production and consumption, and how  unethical disposal practices negatively affect the environment, even if the video spans for more than 20 minutes.

The subject matter itself is enticing enough to grab the viewers’ attention. The animation and the fluid transitions between one scene and another will keep the viewers glued to their seats as well.

So there you have it. These are ten videos that demonstrate how whiteboard animated videos can be a perfect tool for your business to outline and convey its marketing message and brand identity in a concise, creative, and interactive manner.

When you combine captivating animation with a great story, your business is bound to generate more revenues and drive more engagement from your target audience.


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