5 Ways to More Pizzazz To Your Whiteboard Animated Videos

The key idea behind producing whiteboard animated videos is to tell a story that unfolds before the viewers’ very eyes using drawings on a whiteboard. This animation format is very well-known for its iconic black-and-white aesthetic.

Whiteboard animation is a very efficient and entertaining way for your business to educate your target audience about a complicated concept, simplify it, and persuade your prospects to choose you as a solution to their purchasing problems. At least that is the case for high-quality, well-executed whiteboard animated videos.

Your business may come across a lot of ineffective advice that can turn an exciting idea into a complete, abject failure. With that in mind, here are some 5 ways to add some pizzazz to your whiteboard videos, and make them as compelling and entertaining as possible.

Storytelling Is King


A well-told story will always succeed in triggering a wide array of emotions within human beings. One way or the other, these emotions compel them to take action and influence the decisions they make.

As a key rule for whiteboard animated videos, your business should harness the power of storytelling. Instead of trying to make a sale outright, present a story and show how your business can solve their dilemmas using storytelling.

The story must at all times revolve around the audience and their problems, and not on your products and services. Once your target audience is the center of attention, they are bound to be drawn towards your business and engage with it.

Create Animated Characters

While the main objective of whiteboard videos is to present a story, the animated characters are the glue that hold the story together, since they give it a form of continuity.

Animated characters themselves should be a representation, or the embodiment, of, your buyer personas. Designing them as such will help your target audience identify with your business and its brand image.

Additionally, they add a personal touch, which enhances the engagement process.

Animated characters play a huge role in making the video entertaining and enjoyable, and represent the tastes and preferences of the viewers. Animated characters not only add much-needed pizzazz to your whiteboard videos, they simply cannot be omitted from the content.

Make it Colorful

As previously mentioned, whiteboard animated videos are known for their iconic, yet traditional, black-and-white aesthetic. As the old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

This is why adding some colors to the video is beneficial to get a certain message across. Using small hints and shades of color here and there can amplify and accentuate the key parts of the message that your business intends to deliver.

As a general rule of thumb, it is preferable to use colors that are associated with your brand, since the target audience can easily identify with your business as the story unfolds.

Interconnected Drawings Are Necessary

Well-done, well-executed whiteboard animated videos will grab the audience’s attention and keep them on their toes.

They will always be wondering what may come next. They are watching how the story is unraveling, how it is being drawn, and how it is taking shape. The sense of anticipation will keep the spark of interest alive in the viewers.

Thus, high-quality whiteboard animated videos consist of continuous and interconnected drawings, and not individual, detached ones.

Breaking down the story into several pieces increases the risk of losing the target audience’s attention.

Intertwined and interconnected drawings are perhaps the main component of whiteboard videos, and ultimately convert the viewers from mere prospects into qualified leads.

Read Your Script Clearly and Out Loud


Preparing a script and rehearsing what you want to say to your viewers is an essential aspect of the whiteboard animated production process. But the most important part is to actually go out there and read it out loud.

The purpose of the script in a whiteboard animated video is to sound as if it’s being said directly to the target audience. Not only must it sound natural and organic, but it also must captivate the audience, leaving them clamoring for more video content.

This is why a lot of emphasis is placed on the way words and sentences are enunciated and articulated. Using different tonalities can lead to different outcomes, either in your business’ favor or not.

The key objective is to read the script out loud and to remain as natural as possible, because the mere act of speaking can be the difference maker.

A whiteboard animated video is one of the most powerful tools available that enables your business to communicate the desired in an effective and entertaining manner. If the audience will not be able to fully understand what you want to say to them, a whiteboard video can break down the complexity and the convolution, and persuade them to make a purchasing decision in your favor.

These five tips will add some spice to the whole process, and may eventually tip the scales in your favor, and will help you increase your customer base, and ultimately build lasting brand loyalty.


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