Why are whiteboard training videos relevant?

Whiteboard training videos, as the name implies, are an excellent tool to instruct and train your crew on operating processes, occupational health, diversity and equality, and other issues.

It has been proven that people retain more information if they are exposed to information via a short video rather than through plain text, which is why animated training videos are by far the most sensible approach to presenting your content efficiently, regardless what your theme is.

To make things clearer, clients usually opt to watch training videos rather than read material in a text or just listen to experts or instructors talk, which is why you fare better to utilize videos in your training sessions.

How can whiteboard training videos improve your training program?

It no longer is a secret that whiteboard explainer videos give their users a long list of advantages that other video styles fall short of. Animated training videos, as well as onboarding ones, can help you create engaging and informative content for different target audiences, whether they are employees at your firm, potential employees, people wanting to learn more about your industry or company, or even groups of people seeking to develop and improve certain skills.

Here are some of the advantages of animated training videos:

Animated training videos boost engagement

Storytelling is a powerful tool for delivering information in an interesting way. Because we generally like hearing (good) narratives, storytelling is a fantastic approach to deliver sensitive content, portray interpersonal connections, present case studies, and even address conflict management.

Technically, storytelling requires a “talking head,” and we’ve been accustomed to think of “talking heads” (a.k.a., “boring lectures”) unfavorably. However, talking heads shouldn’t have to be dull by design. 

When it pertains to videos, the notion of a talking head is manipulated into animation with narration and sound effects, which has shown to be more engaging and friendlier in providing information.

To recap, if you expect your target audience to truly engage with the training you’re offering, regardless of its type, we recommend you resort to whiteboard training videos that are bound to  capture and hold their attention longer than articles and speeches.

Animated training videos yield better rates of information retention

Companies often invest in employee training, and NGOs conduct training sessions to provide trainees and other groups of people with information that they should use either in the present or in the future.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget around 65% of what we study after 7 days of studying it, and 90% of the content presented after 6 months.

However, when visuals are included in training sessions, the retention rate increases to 65%, and granted that people remember 20% of what they read versus 80% of what they watch.

According to Assignment Masters, incorporating animated training videos into your programs will exhibit more results and make your training more memorable.

Animated training videos are cost-efficient

According to a report, 85% of the money spent on instructor-led training goes to said instructor, but this part of the budget could be used for other things when you replace an in-person training session with a video. 

Since the video has already been recorded, all you need is a platform where your target audience can access it.

In other words, you only have to pay for a whiteboard training video once, and you could use it for a long time, any time, as many times as needed.

Moreover, these videos are recyclable, meaning that you could post them on your social media platforms as they are instead of having to create more content, further reducing your costs.

Who can benefit from animated training videos?

We at Whiteboard Animation deliver animated training videos for a range of functions and industries, because we believe that everyone can benefit from animated explainer videos. When done right, they’re priceless.

Our animated training video services are designed to make your experiences a breeze. Position your company as an industry expert by delivering instructional video content in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

Animated explainer videos in healthcare

Animated healthcare videos may encompass a wide range of health topics while providing useful and accurate scientific information about any condition, as well as preventative methods, safety precautions, and good practices.

A healthcare explainer video serves as more than just a marketing tool. It's a useful tidbit of knowledge that may be distributed via email or social media.
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Animated explainer videos in education

When you need to educate the broader public about an educational endeavor, animated videos are the ideal option. It's simpler to express your thoughts to your audiences and ensure that they're getting the knowledge you want them to obtain when you utilize an instructional video as part of a larger outreach or education campaign.

Simultaneously, keep your listeners interested and delighted. Include an explainer video based on your project on your webpage or lecture to make it more fascinating.
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Animated explainer videos in marketing

It’s no secret that since today’s media consumption is mostly of videos, especially ones that can be watched on the go and in a short amount of time. This is why video-streaming apps or features like TikTok and Instagram Reels are as popular as they are today.

Though these are mostly used for entertainment purposes, companies and organizations can use them for marketing purposes. In fact, animated videos have proven to be very beneficial for a company’s marketing funnel as they are essential components of a buyer’s journey.
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Animated explainer videos in tech

Tech firms might benefit greatly from utilizing the efficacy of animated explainer videos. Many clients struggle to grasp the notion of using electronic tools, making it difficult for them to identify their own need for them.

In the IT business, clients will absorb and recall topics better if they are presented in thorough and compelling whiteboard training videos thanks to the latter’s ability to break down the complex information into more easily digestible data.
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Final Thoughts

In brief, whiteboard animated videos are a wonderful memory aid since they convey information gradually. The images and thoughts are presented in a sequential order so that the listener is not swamped. It also retains the audience’s attention because there are no extraneous figures to distract them from the primary point.

Whiteboard Animation’s production staff oversees your video project from start to finish, resulting in a whiteboard video that will undoubtedly steal the show and provide the most effective video material suited to your company’s demands.