The 4 Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

If executed properly, a whiteboard video can be an effective way for companies to create the best how-to videos and product/service explanations. A professional presentation video is typically your first excursion into video marketing.

It’s impossible to dispute that whiteboard animations are visually stunning and interesting to watch. However, this one-of-a-kind medium holds far more benefits than just entertainment.

1. Whiteboard Animations Engage Viewers

Whiteboard animations are efficient because when viewers’ visual and auditory perceptions are both stimulated, more material is remembered.

This implies that what people witness in a video is more prone to being remembered than what people read in a paragraph, especially when the accompanying music and visuals are dynamic and captivating. 

A successful whiteboard video uses the correct sounds and music in combination with compelling graphics to create a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

According to psychologist Richard Wiseman’s research, test-takers who watched a whiteboard animation had a 15% higher recognition rate than those who didn’t. 

Because audiences are more likely to absorb and carry information exhibited on a whiteboard animated video, this format definitely has a high level of engagement.

After all, one of the most important marketing goals is to make your customers remember your company and its products and services. The more information consumers remember about your brand from that initial encounter, the more likely they are to seek it out.

2. Whiteboard Animation Videos Boost sales and marketing

Consumers today expect to see more video content from businesses they follow; in reality, video marketing is the fastest-growing and most effective kind of internet advertising. Leveraging whiteboard graphics to meet that demand is a great way to satisfy customers’ expectations in a simple, cost-effective way.

Videos account for one-third of all media consumption

Today, 82% of the worldwide online traffic comes from video streaming and downloads

People spend 88% more time navigating websites that provide videos

84% of individuals believe that viewing a brand’s video influenced them to make a purchase

87% of video marketers are happy with the ROI of their video marketing initiatives

Every year, video marketers generate 66% more solid leads

With all these things in mind, video marketing as a whole is now the quintessential marketing tool. When the whiteboard animated video style successfully informs the target audience about your company’s products and services, breaks down complicated ideas, and boosts brand recognition, sales are bound to soar.

The benefits of whiteboard animation videos do not end here:

3. Animation Videos Add Versatility in storytelling

The sole limit to whiteboard animation videos is your imagination. As a result, they’re among the most versatile and adaptable types of video marketing means out there.

Whiteboard animation videos are likewise intended to be fun and uplifting. The storyline and style bring a sense of levity to the video while remaining professional.

This is particularly true if your company sells complex products and services. Whiteboard animated videos breathe life into dry, boring content by telling a story right in front of the audience’s eyes, rendering this style of animation a delightful storytelling medium. Who can resist a well-told narrative that appeals to the senses and emotions?

4. Video Animation Renders Training easier

Training videos are a great way to get new employees up to speed. Animation videos are both economical and practical, allowing you to properly train your personnel at a low cost.

You could save a lot of money by using animated whiteboard videos instead of hosting vast multi-training sessions since they are reusable and could be exhibited in multiple locations with minimal fuss.

You could graphically document numerous training simulations with whiteboard animation videos.

With marketing explainer videos, you could also demonstrate the appropriate and erroneous methods to complete certain jobs and achieve particular targets.

Video is also an excellent medium for communicating important workplace security advice and instruction.

Extensive textual instructions with few pictures make it difficult to grasp a topic effectively, but a whiteboard instructional video will solve all of that. No matter what your theme is, virtual training video content is perhaps the most natural path to take.

If individuals learn from a video rather than study a plain text, they are more likely to absorb more information, and this is especially true when the video is simple yet interesting and informative. In brief, whiteboard training videos create an opportunity for your clients to acquire the needed knowledge to thrive and advance in their roles.

Our whiteboard services will assist you in simplifying difficult concepts and revealing key business realities. If you’re looking for a training video creator that can deliver high-quality results we have everything you need.

The benefits of whiteboard animation videos also include:

Increased effectiveness of each stage of your marketing funnel

More brand awareness and higher customer loyalty

Boosted sales and spectacular ROI

Improved customers’  experiences

Optimized SEO ranking

Better rates of information retention

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