What are animated corporate videos?​

The term “corporate video” is generally used as a blanket title to describe any type of audiovisual engagement your company could utilize to promote its brand to the general public as well as the team members.

Corporate animated videos are a versatile tool for giving your company a voice. People would like to know who you really are, what you represent, and what your organizational values are. Employees must be aware of the company’s culture and mission. All of this can be conveyed in a short, well-made video.

How can corporate videos help?

An increasing number of companies are utilizing the strength of videos to generate interesting content that increases traffic and revenue.

Leverage videos to greet new employees, develop employees’ skills, and even to interact with leadership and other stakeholders. For a long period of time, major corporations have relied on digital marketing video content to lure and recruit new personnel. 

The videos typically are of several styles, and usually feature tours of company offices and interviews with employees raving over working for said company.

During recent years, there has been a significant shift in how people consume media.  The world we live in today is awash in media of all types, and our time has been dubbed the greatest media consumption age in history.

Evidently, marketers are attempting to benefit from the latest media consumption tendencies, which have dramatically evolved in recent seasons.

Can you figure out which type of media is at the top of the list of trends? If you guessed “videos,” here’s a virtual high-five.

Where do corporate animated videos fit?

Whiteboard videos’ unique qualities tug at the emotions of viewers, making them a popular format for many businesses. The whiteboard animation style has various advantages when implemented in corporate videos, and these advantages will be discussed below.

Whiteboard corporate animated videos could use static photos or dynamic illustrations to tell a tale in front of your audience. For instance, if your firm seeks to explain its mission and vision statements or how its branding came to be, whiteboard animated videos are a perfect alternative to other more costly video styles.

Main subdivisions of animated corporate videos

There are many types of corporate videos, but lucky for you, we’re here to make things easier for you. Knowing which type of corporate video to launch can be challenging, especially given the various styles of videos that you can choose from.

However, videos styled as whiteboard animations fit the framework of all types of corporate videos and are unbelievably effective.

Corporate promotional videos

Promotional videos are used to promote your products, services, and overall brand. A brief whiteboard explainer video showcasing the characteristics of your product, for instance, might convince a hesitant customer to buy from you.

Furthermore, a corporate whiteboard video that illustrates how your specialists engage prospects in the delivery of certain services might persuade a B2B client to decide that you're the right fit for them.

Don't be hesitant to use whiteboard animation videos to illustrate how your brand functions and why you’re a better and safer choice than your competitors – but remember this: upsell your brand without bashing your competitors so that your image stays true and untainted.

Corporate training videos

Developing videos for corporate training sessions is a cost-friendly and time-efficient approach to instruct and orient your team.

You could graphically document numerous training scenarios using whiteboard corporate animation videos, demonstrating the rational and irrational approaches to executing certain jobs and achieving specific goals.

In essence, corporate training videos could provide a great opportunity to equip your team with the knowledge they require to thrive and grow in their professions, particularly if those videos are animated in the whiteboard style.

Benefits of animated corporate videos

In addition to the fact that whiteboard animation videos are fun to watch and more cost-friendly than other styles of videos, choosing them for your corporate videos will help you:

Benefit 1: Builds brand awareness and trust

A whiteboard corporate video composition is unique in that it mixes simple graphics with audio to stimulate the senses of viewers. This video format might help your prospective clients feel as if they’ve experienced the service or product that you’re offering, even if they haven’t actually tried it in person.

Your brand will be immortalized by associating it with media that sticks in the viewer’s mind, allowing your target audience to learn more about your brand image, mission, principles, and the overarching corporate ethos prevailing within your business.

As a result, animated corporate videos will raise brand awareness, assist in the development of your brand image, and increase your credibility, securing you the trust of your target audience.

Benefit 2: Generates more conversion rates

Animated corporate videos are among the most important tools that any marketer ought to have. A well-produced whiteboard video is worth a million words if a picture is worth a thousand.

Several studies have demonstrated that  organizations that strategically employ video content in their website have superior conversion rates than others that don’t. This is because whiteboard videos are more engaging and persuasive than other types thanks to their simplicity, ability to break down different subjects to make them more easily understood, and their use of transfixing visuals.

Benefit 3: Increases ROI and boosts sales

People don’t always have time to read your fabulous 1,000-word article describing your business because they tend to have a narrow attention span while browsing their options. For this reason, you can’t really go awry with a well-produced whiteboard animation corporate video and a smart inbound marketing strategy, with 83% of organizations claiming that adopting videos has provided them higher ROI.

A whiteboard corporate video that addresses concerns about your company can help enhance conversion rates and increase your revenue.

When it concerns growing sales, corporate whiteboard videos aren’t limited to a single format – an explainer video can entice buyers to make purchasing decisions that favors you.

As a result, skillfully constructed animated corporate videos can lure in more potential buyers by showing how you handle customer service, explaining the features and benefits of your products or services, and yielding higher ROIs and allowing your company to increase sales.

Benefit 4: Optimizes SEO ranking

In their search queries, search engines strive to offer the most useful results to online users.  Because whiteboard-animated corporate videos are essentially instructive in nature, they are immensely useful to customers looking for answers or solutions for their pain points.

Therefore, incorporating whiteboard corporate videos into your website increases your chances of attaining a higher SEO ranking.  People are far more likely to click on a post when they see a video preview accompanying a post, which Google does for 26% of results.

 When the thumbnail is shown, the output is considered to be a “rich snippet,” which has proven to have better CTRs than normal snippets.

If your whiteboard video approach is meticulously substantiated, clean cut with a synopsis and keywords, and offers a solution to what online surfers are trying to find, then it should get elevated search engine rankings, irrespective of the size of your company.

In other words, a whiteboard corporate video works wonders in terms of SEO and will surely boost your company’s online footprint.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboard Animation’s video production company carries your video project from conception to completion, and then presents you with a whiteboard video that will undoubtedly turn heads and lead to you closing deals with clients in no time.

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