Why you shouldn’t make DIY Whiteboard Animated Videos


Video marketing is an increasingly popular marketing tool. Both B2C and B2B companies automatically integrate it as part of their overall marketing strategies nowadays.

The rise of video marketing is especially attributed to the rise of the Internet and the Digital Age. The Internet has removed traditional obstacles and the generally arduous process of producing and/or accessing video content.

Populations around the world are only an internet connection and a few clicks away from watching any video content they desire. 

Video marketing in general is a fast and effective way that can enable a company’s product or service stand out among the competition.

One of the more popular mediums for video marketing is undoubtedly Whiteboard Animated Videos. A Whiteboard Animation Video is the process of images being drawn on a whiteboard which are accompanied by narration.

They are highly engaging, and have the ability to convey a complex message in an easy and entertaining way.

With the emergence of the Internet, there are literally hundreds of DIY Whiteboard Animation software tools that anyone can use to produce Whiteboard animated videos.

These DIY software tools are perceived to be cost and time-effective mediums. In the long run, it may prove to be a bad business decision.

Here are four reasons why your business should not use these DIY software tools.

1. Free or very low price does NOT translate to “Good”

As the old adage goes: “You get what you pay for”. On the surface, DIY software tools are either used for free or at a minimal price, they may end up being either sloppy, inaccurate, and unable to get your business’ message across to the viewers. 

In the medium to long run, this will harm your brand image alongside its identity. Cutting corners and opting for DIY software tools makes way for new problems to arise that will hinder the growth of your business.

“Cost-effective” is not the same thing as “cheap”. This is especially true as far as Whiteboard Animated Videos are concerned.

2. Your brand identity is either harmed or not brought to the fold

One of the main objectives of any company is to tell their own story: What they do, what they stand for, thus unveiling their own brand identity.

Should your business opt to use a DIY tool, it is limiting itself to one single platform. The whiteboard animated video that is produced can be completely devoid of any brand identity. 

Collaborating with a professional video marketing agency to get the job done will allow your business to have plenty of options in the creative process.

When an agency creates a video for a particular brand, following certain aspects of visual identity is of paramount importance. It can be fonts, colors, illustration, layout, the language used, the way the message is communicated etc.

A DIY software tool will not be able to do these factors justice and optimize their use. 

3. Time is a luxury

DIY, or “Do-It-Yourself” sounds easy and quick to do. As a matter of fact, that is not the case. 

First of all, “Do-It-Yourself” implies that your business’ employees will have to learn how to actually use the software. This means hours upon hours of training and mastering the tool. 

Secondly, your business has to come up with a whiteboard animation. This involves a lot of brainstorming, and several businesses days before coming up with a final decision.

Thirdly, writing a compelling script which also takes at the very least several days before it’s completed.

Then comes the process of creating a storyboard.

After that task is done, your business needs a voice-over for the video. Converting a written text into generic, robotic audio is not a way to seamlessly engage with viewers. An in-house voice over could be bland and colorless as well.

Next there is picking the styles and elements in order to launch the whiteboard animation video. The final task consists in compiling all the steps together in a suitable way to create the video.

When the whole process is over, there is a high chance that the whiteboard animation video’s quality will be subpar after all the time and energy spent on producing said video. 

Your business would be better suited on spending said time and energy more productively in an area it is already an expert in.

As far as expertise goes, the quotes of famed German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg spring to mind: “An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.”

Allow your business to focus on the tasks it knows how to handle best, and let a professional video marketing agency handle all the aforementioned steps.

They are handled in parallel, thus in a time-efficient manner, and most importantly, the quality of the final product is far better.

4. Lack of Creative Control

Your business is the one that is paying for the animation. Needless to say, it should have some level of creative control over the final product.

Should your business opt for using a DIY software tool, creative control is heavily stifled. These tools contain technical limitations that hinder the video in terms of its functionality, its message, and its ability to communicate and engage with the prospective customers.

As a whole, your business will be unable to make necessary corrections. 

We will ensure that the whole creative process is not only smooth. Most importantly, it will be one that allows your business to request corrections should it disagrees with certain aspects of it.


Now that some key reasons as to why your company should not use DIY tools have been outlined, it is up to you to make a conscious and prudent business decision.

Whiteboard animated videos should be smooth, entertaining, and engaging. More importantly, the flow must look effortless in order to provide a satisfying user experience.

We will ensure to devise a creative project that allows prospects to notice you, will understand your brand identity and believe in it!

Professionally made Whiteboard Animated Videos are the path towards a better customer experience, and ultimately a higher ROI!


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