How to Create Whiteboard Animation

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What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a video style that reveals to the viewer static graphics being formed on the screen. Typically, the pictures are accompanied by narration that guides the viewer through the tale portrayed within the illustration. These animations are straightforward, yet undeniably appealing.

There is no doubt that video marketing has flourished in the previous decade, becoming an essential component of any winning marketing strategy. Everybody has leapt onto the video trend. As a result, it comes as no surprise that customers are 4 times more interested in watching videos about a product than they are in reading about it. The bulk of marketers consider video marketing to be the most effective type of ROI.

This implies that video marketing should never be a last-minute task, but rather an essential component of your company’s marketing and communications approach.

A whiteboard animation video can be a very powerful tool. Whiteboard videos  are a fun and unique method to promote and showcase your services or products. These animated videos can be tailored to a range of sectors sans the fluff present in other types of video. A whiteboard video is also designed to be precise. This implies that your message will be received clearly and loudly.

Whiteboard Animation Video Service

Custom whiteboard animation services that provide captivating narratives and successfully explain your brand and mission.

We are a business that creates animated video content for every level of your marketing funnel and corporate branding. We’re a small group of creatives who adore what we do. We’ve spent years creating fascinating videos that convey inspiring anecdotes about companies, businesses, and a variety of other themes. Give us a call or drop us a message; we’d love to hear from you!

Whiteboard Video Maker

Our whiteboard animation services are meant to generate sales and improve marketing for businesses and nonprofits, as well as healthcare and education to name a few sectors. We are  capable of producing high-quality whiteboard animation videos that drive outcomes via innovative narrative and appealing images.

We can assist you with creating interesting video content that can enhance conversions, sales, or awareness. Our whiteboard animation videos can help you achieve your objectives through intelligent storytelling, innovative screenplay narratives, and attractive images and animation.

5 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard animation video is an ideal venue to begin incorporating video content into your business model. Whiteboard animation videos  are memorable, expressive, and can be produced rapidly and are affordable. Whiteboard animations are an excellent complement to any company’s website, social media platforms, or email newsletters.

  1. Whiteboard animation videos make complicated concepts simple and dry content engaging. Whiteboard animation’s basis is in narrative, and one of the most important benefits this provides to whiteboard animation is the capacity to make complicated ideas simpler to comprehend and dry topics more interesting.

    By employing tactics such as visual metaphors to transform the concept into something more recognizable, visual storytelling in business will make complicated messages and abstract concepts more comprehensible. Similarly, visual storytelling approaches also repackages essential but not always interesting issues into pictures and narratives that are vivid and enjoyable.

  1. Whiteboard animation videos help businesses connect with their audiences. The way a whiteboard animation communicates with your audience is critical. In part, we have our old buddy Storytelling to salute for this but there are more than enough of other manners that whiteboard videos can strike a chord with viewers. The correct characters or voices should help individuals bond with you and your message, while incorporating societal or pop culture allusions to which people can relate can carry things to a whole new level.

    Using humor and emotive responses strengthens this connection so that it may transcend beyond a character or a message. Because large corporations and some sectors do not lend themselves to being easily relatable, you could leverage this relationship and the visual flexibility of a whiteboard animation video to showcase your company in a more approachable and real way.

  1. Whiteboard animation videos are versatile. Calling whiteboard animations versatile could cause controversy seeing as this style of video is more limited than others in terms of template. However, versatility also means adjustability, adaptability, durability, and playability. Thank you, Thesaurus. This means that as long as creativity is a member of your team, whiteboard animation videos are a weapon in your armory rather than a knife in your back. 

    Depending on your target demographic, your message should be equally effective on a tiny screen as it is in a larger one. Whiteboard animation videos are an excellent choice for this. They can fit a lot of information into a small percentage of spatial and temporal scales while still being instructive, engaging, and visually appealing. And they can do so whether they’re seen on a smartphone, a TV, or even a monitor. In other words, they are one of the most dynamic and diverse types of video marketing communications accessible today.

    Moreover, a whiteboard animation video can easily be posted on social media platforms – the latter are mostly live-action and reality-based, so an animated video, particularly a video in the whiteboard style, really stands out from the sea of “real people.”

  1. Whiteboard animation videos can be used for many, many purposes. Whiteboard animation videos’ versatility isn’t limited to how widely they can stretch; they can also perform a variety of purposes. This is mainly attributable to the fact that whiteboard videos are great for showcasing processes and creating links between different ideas in a very clear and straightforward way. Whiteboard animations can assist with or serve as:

  1. Training videos

    Whiteboard training videos, as the name implies, are an excellent tool to instruct and train your crew on operating processes, occupational health, diversity and equality, and other issues. 

    It has been proven that people retain more information if they are exposed to information via a short video rather than through plain text, which is why animated training videos are by far the most sensible approach to presenting your content efficiently, regardless what your theme is.

    To make things clearer, clients usually opt to watch training videos rather than read material in a text or just listen to experts or instructors talk, which is why you fare better to utilize videos in your training sessions.

To know more about whiteboard videos for training, click here.

  1. Marketing videos

    Videos are an essential component of any company’s marketing strategy since they have shown to be an effective means of satisfying the various stages of the marketing funnel or the buyer’s journey. As a result, more than 80% of marketing teams use video content into their overall marketing and branding strategies.

    Some companies are split between determining whether or not to begin a video marketing campaign and asking why they are doing so now. In other words, we propose using videos into your marketing strategy to keep your organization in the loop and at the top of the food chain.

To know more about whiteboard marketing videos, click here.

  1. Corporate videos

    Corporate whiteboard videos are a useful tool for giving your firm a voice. People want to know who you are and how your products or services function. Because of the unique properties of whiteboard films, they are a popular medium for many organizations.

    When used in business films, corporate whiteboard videos provide a number of advantages. Corporate whiteboard videos are more engaging and compelling than other sorts due to their simplicity, ability to break down complex issues to make them more effortlessly comprehended, and utilization of captivating images. As a result, they enable a company in boosting brand recognition and trust, increasing conversion rates, and therefore boosting sales and ROI.

To know more about corporate whiteboard videos, click here.

  1. Whiteboard animation videos are more cost-friendly than other styles of videos. Whiteboard animation prices, like other video genres, can vary depending on a number of factors. The total animation duration, character style, and pace of your timetable will all have an impact on the overall cost of your whiteboard animation video. Our video production company specialists can assist you in making the most out of your resources.

    Everything, including screenplay advice, audio, artwork, animation, and final product, is included in our fees. The pricing of our Whiteboard Animation ranges from $1,500 to $2,900 per minute, and this is based on a delicate production process which will be outlined next.

How to Create Whiteboard Animation Video

Over the last decade and a half, we’ve built and polished a tried-and-true video production process that has led to the creation of fantastic video content. Since you are at the forefront of every level of production kudos to our cohesive philosophy, you will indeed be able stay up to speed with the project.

A standard 60-to-90-second whiteboard movie takes 2 to 4 weeks to produce, though more intricate videos may take a bit longer. We do, however, accept accelerated tasks dependent on the availability of our team.

Here’s how the magic happens:

  1. Getting to know you

    For this initial meeting, you would provide us with an overview of your objective(s), target audience, and animation needs (color scheme, style, etc.). We would then prepare a thorough plan that highlighted all of the major dates and deliverables after all of the objectives were aligned and the project’s deadline was defined. This includes your reviews and approvals as well.

  1. Agreeing on the script

    The script is usually created by a collaborative effort, and we review it to make sure that it is suitable for the video’s length, concept, and overall “vibe.” This is because there are 3 things that should be present in the video, thus the script, to entice your target audience to watch the whole thing: the hook, the core, and the call-to-action.

  1. Developing the storyboard

    A storyboard is an important part of the creation process since it provides our idea for how to tell the tale. It’s made up of squares with artwork illustrating each shot, much like comic strips.

    We decide on the general look and feel of your whiteboard video, as well as the character styles, colors, fonts, and icon design at this point. We also provide comments within the storyboard drawing to help viewers comprehend what is occurring in each scene.

    The storyboard, like a movie under creation, is a visual depiction of the finished product. It may be edited and adjusted based on your feedback and our ideas until we agree that the flow of the narrative is best.

  1. Recording the voiceover

    You should be mindful that your video’s main driver is a voiceover. We must verify that the voice we choose is capable of conveying the proper tone and exclamations when choosing a voiceover artist, since it can make or break a video.

    Our voiceover team will analyze the audio file, remove background noise, and re-record the screenplay adaptation in a variety of intonations to make your video seem much more professional. We record in isolated spaces to eliminate echoes and utilize high-quality equipment such as noise-canceling microphones and pop shields.

  1. Creating the animation

    During this step of the process, an animated hand creates the graphics in time with the audio. The process of stacking all of the pictures, sounds, and messages to create the finished animated video that is synchronized with the spoken narrative is known as animation. In certain cases, we blend whiteboard animation features with pieces from other genres to add flair to the videos and highlight key parts of the storyline.

  1. Getting the vibe right

    A whiteboard video consists of more than only animation and narration. Background music is vital to us at Whiteboard Animation, and we make good use of it. While background music is not a necessary part of a whiteboard video, it has been experimentally proven to boost viewers’ emotional connection with what is being conveyed.

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