The Importance of Marketing Explainer Videos

Videos are an important part of any company’s marketing strategy because they have proven to be a highly regarded way of appeasing the different stages of the marketing funnel or the buyer’s journey. 

That’s why over 80% of marketing teams integrate video substance into their overall marketing and branding schemes.

Some businesses are torn between deciding whether or not to launch a video marketing campaign and questioning why they are currently doing so. 

In other words, we recommend including videos in your marketing plan so that your company can remain in the loop and at the top of the food chain.

How can marketing explainer videos complement your marketing strategy?

It no longer is a secret that whiteboard videos give their users a long list of advantages that other video styles fall short of. 

Marketing explainer videos can help you create engaging and informative content for each level of your marketing funnel as well as for internal communications.

Benefit 1: Marketing explainer videos attract more prospects​

First, the individual is confronted with a challenge, an uncertainty, or a need, and is seeking the best solution. In other terms, they’re seeking information about the problems they’re having. They’re at the Awareness Stage of the marketing funnel, and your company should be one of the first to appear in their search for solutions to their problems.

Your organization has had no previous encounters with these potential clients at this juncture, so the overall purpose is to initiate brand awareness campaigns to grab their attention.

Videos are an important aspect of these campaigns and must be developed in a way that appeals to individuals.

Implementing whiteboard animation videos for the Awareness Stage is a very efficient method to interact with your audience because they are one of the most engaging forms of videos and they solubilize numerous concerns.

As a result, Marketing explainer videos are particularly effective in attracting viewers to your brand.

Benefit 2: Marketing explainer videos boost engagement

The prospective consumer is familiar with your company and its image at this phase in the buyer’s journey, but they want to learn more. They wish to find out more details about both your company and your competitors.

In other words, they’re weighing the various options available to them in the Engage Stage and are determining which will be the best fit for their requirements.

Throughout this stage, your company should keep the momentum going and develop a stronger brand image.

When it comes to promoting a message and/or creating a narrative, quality is key, but what’s the point of having a high-quality video if it doesn’t perk your potential clients’ interests?

Whiteboard animated videos come into play and are a force to be reckoned with.

Not only are whiteboard videos easy on the eyes, as has been already established, but they have also proven to be among the top-rated styles to keep your audience engaged with and interested in your brand’s products or services.

Benefit 3: Marketing explainer videos help you close more deals

In terms of successfully converting prospects into paying clients, this step is likely the most crucial. They are aware of who you are as a company and the products and services you provide. Customers must still make a final decision, and ideally, they will choose your company over the competition – the Close Stage.

When it comes to video marketing, it’s critical to identify the correct video to the right client. The worries of the customers are narrowing and getting more precise. It’s critical to continue providing value to potential consumers and nurture the leads obtained during the second stage (engage).

Let your Marketing explainer videos tackle typical skepticisms here to help customers with the decision-making phase that’s now taking place in their heads.

Show that you care by recognizing their reservations, responding to their anxieties, and providing them with detailed information on how choosing your brand may help them.

Leveraging whiteboard videos for the close stage helps you to provide said individuals with step-by-step animations that provide comprehensive information to settle any doubts they could still hold, as well as how-to guidance videos showing how to use your product or service or how to seal the deal with your brand.

Benefit 4: Marketing explainer videos delight your customers

The marketing stage’s lifetime has come to an end at this juncture. Your company has already succeeded in converting a prospect into a client and making a sale.

With a fourth stage, though, which is called the Delight Stage, you can solidify your company’s image and increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

At this point, the goal is to create video content that encourages brand advocacy.

Clients are your most powerful advocates, therefore you should continue to build trust with them. In other words, customers continue to assist you by introducing your brand to new leads, thereby expanding your client base and generating extra revenue.

Whiteboard animation videos at this stage are a great way to strengthen the bond you have developed with your clients because this style of video can be manipulated in multiple ways.

For instance, you could create a “thank you” whiteboard video you could send to your clients’ emails and introduce other products or services you offer that could be relevant to them.

You could also perpetuate further engagement by making the whiteboard video an FAQ or a customer service assistance aid.

Final words


In short, because they provide information progressively, whiteboard animated videos are an excellent tool for memory.

The pictures and concepts arrive one after the other, so the listener is not overwhelmed, which also helps viewers retain more information thanks to the clear sequential order.

Whiteboard Animation’s production team handles your video process from beginning to end, and then delivers a Marketing explainer video that will certainly steal the show and ultimately result in the most ideal video marketing content tailored to your business’ needs.