Why use whiteboard animated videos for your startup?

It can sometimes be difficult to get going, whether it’s with building trust and connections with clients, spreading your message across, or increasing conversions and revenue.

A high-quality animation video will attract your audience’s attention, articulate your vision and the distinct value it provides, and help you achieve traction and trust.

That’s where animated startup explainer videos come in.

These videos are aimed to illustrate new company ideas in an “Elevator Pitch” type approach, which simplifies and condenses complicated ideas and technical trends.

Animated videos can aid in the conversion of your target audience into involved potential clients by supporting and empowering your marketing objectives across the marketing funnel, highlighting your company’s point of differentiation and spreading awareness on your selected channels.

Benefits of using startup explainer videos

In today’s world of digital marketing, explainer videos have become quite a popular addition to a company’s budget plan. Animated explainer videos are essential to successfully communicate the company’s product or service content to the target audience, whether the business is a physical or an online one.

Animated explainer videos are perhaps the most popular internet marketing tool. There are several aspects that have prompted this style of video to garner tremendous influence and impact on companies’ target audiences, and here’s why:

Animated explainer videos establish your startup's brand awareness

Because your company has never encountered these prospective customers before, the general goal is to launch brand awareness campaigns in order to capture their attention. Videos are a crucial part of marketing initiatives, and they must be created in a way that appeals to different people.

Whiteboard animation videos appear to be a highly effective way to communicate with your audience during the Attract Stage since they are one of the most engaging types of videos and they address a variety of topics.

Whiteboard videos, as a consequence, are extremely efficient in attracting people to your brand.
Attract Stage

Animated explainer videos boost engagement

At this point in the buyer's journey, the prospective customer is aware of the brand and its image, but they wish to learn more about your organization as well as your competition.

During this stage, your business should maintain momentum and build a superior brand image. Quality is important when it comes to presenting a message and/or constructing a story, but what good is a high-quality video if it doesn't pique the attention of your prospective customers, especially as a new business?

When whiteboard animated videos are used, they become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Not only are whiteboard videos pleasing to the sight, as previously said, but they have also shown to be one of the most effective ways to keep your audience interested in and engaged with your brand's products or services.
Engage Stage

Animated explainer videos enhance understanding

Complex topics are broken down into simple, entertaining videos with whiteboard animation videos.The brevity of the video style allows viewers to focus on the most important aspects of the presentation without being overwhelmed or distracted by irrelevant material.

It's also engaging: as the material is gradually presented, viewers get a first-person sense of engagement in the building of the notions.

Animated explainer videos are similarly concentrated, with aesthetically attractive characteristics such as guided drawings and the intentional and creative use of colors to accentuate the most instructionally important content.

When used properly, such characteristics can help to kickstart the cognitive process and improve understanding.

Animated explainer videos are shareable across different platforms and multiple channels

What’s unique about animated explainer videos is that they are relatively short in length, running between 60 to 90 seconds, which means that most social media platforms and messaging apps that support media sharing can easily accommodate them.

Moreover, these videos are accessible by anyone at any time when published, meaning that they could be easily passed around to a wider audience.

Tips for making the perfect startup explainer video for your company

Startups frequently have several questions about producing a startup explainer video before beginning the video production procedure.

Where do I begin? What is the best way to promote my company’s solutions and concept? What kind of video should I make? Where can I get inspiration for my startup explainer videos?

Startups frequently have several questions about producing a startup explainer video before beginning the video production procedure.

Where do I begin? What is the best way to promote my company’s solutions and concept? What kind of video should I make? Where can I get inspiration for my startup explainer videos?

Contrary to popular belief, size matters

It’s critical to keep the video short. When the video is less than one minute in length, it typically performs better than longer ones.

You may have heard that current user attention spans have shrunk substantially in recent years.

The simpler the video, the more likely will your target audience watch it all the way through and understand the concept it’s presenting. 

If the video is too lengthy, viewers will become bored and browse through the feed instead of listening to your marketing pitch. 

Keep it simple and specific

Everything genius is simple. One of the key aims of an explainer video is to make its topic and points easy to grasp. The ease with which information is presented is important since it makes the video more consumable for viewers and helps the company to deliver their core idea more successfully.

You don’t want your audience to be confused about what your company does. 

Otherwise, they are highly likely to skip you and use one of your competitors’ services instead.

Be precise in your content and avert “water” in the narrative and voiceover text.  At the same time, try to keep your startup explainer video’s content minimalistic yet striking.

It’s a difficult skill to strike a compromise between presenting a fantastic story and being particular about the product as a client issue solution.

Counter your prospective clients’ problems with solutions

A precise characterization of the potential customer’s pain points and the cure that your service or product can provide for them should be included in every effective startup explainer video. This enables you to increase the value of your brand while also demonstrating how your target audience may benefit from it.

Their concern can be expressed in a lighthearted or humorous manner, highlighting the so-called unpleasant circumstance of the customer’s journey.

It’s frequently followed by a favorable customer journey narrative that explains how the buyer could use your company’s product or service to mitigate, overcome, or remedy the problem they’re facing. This contrasted comparison stresses the product’s worth while also assisting in the development of brand trust.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) button

Whether it’s an advertisement, email, social media post, or animated explainer video, the CTA is an essential component of practically every marketing strategy piece. As a result, make sure your startup explainer video includes it as well, and make it really captivating.

Don’t be hesitant to ask consumers to follow your business on social media, go to your website, shop at your online store, or anything else you want. Though that may appear salesy if the remainder of the video is promotionally neutral, including a bold CTA at the end of the whiteboard video is perfectly acceptable. 

Abuse creativity

Last but not least, be inventive and courageous in standing by your original idea or notion.  Bare in mind, though, that your creative marketing journey is your own, and you are the one who creates it. Don’t be reluctant to go beyond the tried-and-true methods and come up with your own strategy for making animated explainer videos.

All these steps are pretty intimidating and complicated to apply, we know, but don’t worry about any of these because we’ll be glad to do your heavy-lifting for you.

Don’t think twice to contact us for your whiteboard animation project!