The importance of tech explainer videos

What comes to mind when someone tells you that they work in the tech industry? 

The term might refer to a plethora of services, enterprises, and apps, which is why it can be difficult to define what a brand in “the technology industry” truly does.

Many enterprises in the technological industry utilize various applications or systems to market their products, but these procedures are very often tricky for non-tech-savvy people to fathom.

To get around this problem, you could use animated explainer videos. Explainer videos are an excellent method to communicate difficult topics in a straightforward and understandable manner in a world as complex as the tech one. 

Explainer videos, particularly whiteboard animation videos, can swiftly synthesize problematic subjects, making them the ideal form of video content for technology companies.

Whiteboard animated videos could also clearly guide your clients or employees through the know-how process, while costing your company relatively little.

How are tech explainer videos relevant?

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times from us already, but firms in any sector must have a stockpile of video marketing strategies if they really want to thrive among other similar companies. This style results in a strong degree of engagement since viewers are more inclined to grasp and retain information displayed on a whiteboard animated video.

After all, one of the most significant marketing objectives is to ensure that your clients remember your brand and its outputs. The more information prospect clients remember regarding your brand from their first experience, the more probable it is that they would seek you out again. For more information on how whiteboard animated videos can improve your marketing strategy, click here.

Tech explainer videos are a must-have in your business, and here is why that is:

Tech explainer videos (obviously) explain what your product/service is
Does it become tricky for you to describe your business offerings to a prospective customer?

Admittedly, you could only have 1-2 minutes to get them on board, so you wouldn't want your presentation to be rushed, complicated, or incoherent. The endgame is to simplify the content so that your audience gains a solid sense of who you are.

When you use Whiteboard Animation to produce an animated explainer video, the 10-minute speech you prepared for when people ask you "what do you even work?" becomes an easily-digested 1 to 2 minute-long engaging and informative video.
Tech explainer videos keep your content engaging

We understand that not everyone agrees that technology is far from being dull.

An animated whiteboard video demonstrates to your audience how you're everything but banal, no matter how daunting your product or service sounds to the wider public.

Your product or service would become the most intriguing and captivating element to anyone viewing your video thanks to gorgeous custom graphics, dynamic animations, and a razor sharp narrative.
Animation Process
Tech explainer videos liven up dull data

No one person, not even serious employers and employees, enjoy having to go through extensive lists of dead-looking information.

Your company's official records' data could be a little dull and dry, which often makes it pretty hard to assimilate. However, you could breathe life in the shape of an animated explainer video into these facts and figures, which can adapt to fit your every need while still being professional and accurate.

You could showcase charts and visual statistics in the form of appealing and unforgettable animated videos with the assistance of our experienced team.
Tech explainer videos improve customer experience

Instruction guides are largely neglected or discarded. You could utilize videos to provide additional resources to your clients or prospective buyers.

Animated explainer videos could take the form of a demo video and even a Q&A one, meaning that we could manipulate the content to whatever fits your vision and goal best. This enables your consumers to get the utmost out of their investment, which boosts their trust and faith in your business.

Clients would thus learn how to operate the gadgets or software they bought with the assistance of informative whiteboard video animations, which minimizes the burden on customer care hotlines or email because the videos are always available and can thus be accessed at any moment.
Tech explainer videos increase conversions
There are several conventional tools used in digital marketing to boost conversion rates.

The brightest marketers understand the importance of having a beautiful website to provide potential customers with the best first impression of your company or brand.

Testimonials hold the #1 spot in establishing credibility and building customer loyalty.

Every one of these elements work together to boost conversion rates and increase sales, but animated explainer videos are the secret weapon that many large corporations utilize to raise conversion rates even further.

This is due to the fact that this video style incorporates all of the beneficial aspects of other methods of marketing and truly engages your target audience especially with the incorporated CTAs.

Obtaining the most out of your animated tech explainer videos

In a world where everyone is always busy,  it’s prudent to develop animated tech videos that are short enough for people to consume.

In reality, having numerous short videos ranging from 60 to 90 seconds captures greater notice than a singular long one.

By incorporating your logo and a CTA in the final scene of the animated video, you can maximize your CTRs and ROI across numerous marketing platforms, which  include your company’s social media profiles and newsletters to customers.

To recap, leveraging the effectiveness of explainer videos would yield excellent outcomes for tech companies. Many customers find it challenging to properly comprehend the concept of using technological items, making it tough for them to recognize their need for them. Clients will grasp and remember concepts better when they are given in detailed and captivating whiteboard videos in the tech industry. Animated tech videos can also significantly boost website conversion rates.

Prior to committing to conducting business with your organization, prospects want to make sure that they can trust you. Prospects must grasp what you have to give and also what your brand solves. It is considerably easier to convince them that your business can make their lives better with an explainer video than it is with written material alone.

We at Whiteboard Animation can assist you in bringing your brand to the forefront of public attention. Because of our considerable knowledge, we can develop remarkable videos to attract the correct attention for the growth of your company.