The details behind the cost of Whiteboard Animated Videos


Our Whiteboard Animation costs range from $1,500 to $2,900 per minute. But we, at, are not merely outlining the overall costs just for the sake of crunching some numbers. 

We also intend to show you the intricacies behind the creation of Whiteboard Animation Videos that thoroughly explain the overall costs.   


The script is perhaps the most critical component of any video. It is fundamental for the success of the whole animation process since it enables you to get your message across to the target audience. 

Knowing precisely what to say, how to say it at the right timing can be a difficult ordeal. This is especially considering that the intended message must be clear and concise.

This is why we include our scriptwriting service as a mandatory component of all price packages. 

We, at, have a good idea of what a good script is and how it works.

2. Voiceover

There is so much more to a script than just the words spoken. The human voice carries rich information through tone and the pace in which the dialogue is delivered.

Apart from the animation, adding a human touch to a Whiteboard Animated Video is perhaps the X-Factor in terms of the engagement with the audience going full circle.

We at have a team of specialized voice actors that can deliver your business’ message the way you see fit. 

3. Storyboarding

The Storyboard is essentially a visual representation of your content. The Script gets broken down into several scenes, and visual ideas for the message that is needed to get across are developed. 

We also make sure to determine the look and feel of the animated, the character designs, styles and colors, the look of icons etc.

Regarding the Standard Package, we are offering to create a full, comprehensive storyboard alongside 1 round of edits to the process, with partial coloring and partial movements effects. 

As far as the Pro Package goes, we intend to create a storyboard and we offer 2 full rounds of edits, with the possibility of full coloring. 

If your business opts to choose the Premium Package, we offer a storyboard with 3 full rounds of edits, with full coloring as well.

Regardless of which price package your business opts to choose, we make sure to provide Custom illustrations that are subject to your final approval as well. 

4.  Project Management

No project is complete within a designated time frame without carefully-planned and meticulous project management.

During the client meetings that we set up with your company we learn about your objectives, project and animation requirements.

We, at Whiteboard, offer various whiteboard animation video types.

Once we know the objectives, the scope of the project and the deadlines (the time frame usually varies between two and four weeks), we create a detailed, comprehensive schedule which highlights the key dates, milestones for deliverables, client reviews and approvals.

All in all, we, at Whiteboard, are ready and at your company’s full disposal.

Ready to get started? Feel free to contact us at any time to reserve your slot.

We have tried to make our pricing packages as simple as possible while still giving your business the possibility of only paying for specific features. As a result, we have three different package levels. 


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