Whiteboard Animation Videos: Everything You Need to Know

Whiteboard videos are being progressively used by organizations to promote their brands, raise awareness, and expand their consumer base.

An explainer video is a marketing instrument that introduces your business and summarizes the fundamentals of your brand, such as your products and services.

Ultimately, an explainer video responds to the queries “Who are you?” and “What do you do?”

Whiteboard animation videos are among the most sought-after types of explainer videos. A whiteboard animation video showcases illustrations either being drawn by hand on a white board or as 2D representations. It’s a simple approach to communicate your message through visual images that appear on screen.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

The whiteboard animation video style is most popular in marketing, but it serves several other purposes as well (we’ll get into more details shortly). However, its authentic origins might well be traced back to prehistoric times, when our ancestors drew on surfaces with stones or chalk to explain various ideas.

Pictures have been a medium of communication for longer than one might assume, because the brain interprets image cues fairly quickly.

Since its inception in 2007, the whiteboard animation video style has become a catalyst to marketing.

Depending on the needs of your target audience, their profiles, and the categories of products or services presented, there are different varieties of whiteboard animated videos that will help your business grow.

Brief history of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Our vision

While there are several companies that specialize in creating explainer videos of different styles such as VerveVideos.com, we created a space exclusively for the beloved whiteboard animation video style.

Every person who has ever lived has left a certain impact on those around them, which is what we strive to accomplish. At Whiteboard Animation, we believe that leaving an impact can be through things as modest as a short video, and we excel at it.

Since the launch of our website in 2017, we’ve collaborated with over 20 companies and presented them with top-notch whiteboard videos that have made the companies’ vision a reality and significantly boosted their reach.

Whiteboard Animation: Different Uses

On your home page

Once visitors land on your website, what would they first see? Will they come across an imposing body of text outlining your business’ products and services, or do they come across a friendly, interactive whiteboard video message that shares the equivalent content in a lighthearted way?

It’s no secret that people prefer reading short, straightforward narratives rather than endless blocks of information, and dynamic visuals have proven to be even more effective in increasing engagement.

This being said, having short videos – especially whiteboard animations – on your homepage could be a superior starting spot for your webpage.

Instead of whitepapers

Whitepapers can be tedious and uninteresting, thus conveying their contents in a whiteboard animation video format is often a lot more pleasant! To do so, concentrate your video on topics that your target audience would find particularly valuable, transforming your “whiteboard whitepaper” into a viable content marketing asset.

As an infographic

Today’s digital marketing landscape places infographics — a graphically-oriented image that visualizes data in new and intriguing ways – on a pedestal.  However, even though these visuals can be effective at increasing website traffic, they remain somewhat flat because  visitors must decide for themselves how to interact with and comprehend the presented data.

Your audience will better grasp your content if you replace the somewhat dull graphics with whiteboard animations, which will also encourage the form of viral sharing that infographics are now so renowned for.

Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos

When done correctly, a whiteboard animation video can be a potent approach to generating the greatest how-to videos and product/service descriptions for businesses.

Generally, a professional presentation video is your initial foray into video marketing.

There’s no denying that whiteboard animations look impressive and are entertaining to watch. This one-of-a-kind medium, though, has far more to promise than entertainment. 

Engaging viewers

Whiteboard animation is efficient because when viewers’ visual and auditory perceptions are both stimulated, more material is remembered. In other words, people remember something better when it’s presented to them in a video rather than in a text.

A successful whiteboard video uses the correct sounds and music in combination with compelling graphics to create a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

Boosting sales and marketing

Consumers today expect to see more video content from businesses they follow; in reality, video marketing is the fastest-growing and most effective kind of internet advertising.

Leveraging whiteboard animations to meet that demand is a great way to satisfy customers’ expectations in a simple, cost-effective way.

Versatility in storytelling

The sole limit to whiteboard animation videos is your imagination. As a result, they’re among the most versatile and adaptable types of video marketing means out there.

Whiteboard animation videos are likewise intended to be fun and uplifting. The storyline and style bring a sense of levity to the video while remaining professional.

For more information on the advantages of whiteboard explainer videos, click here.

Whiteboard Animation Video: Uses

As is the case with most things, there are several types of whiteboard animation videos based on the needs of the target audience, their identities, and the categories of showcased products or services.

These include, but are not limited to, education, marketing, instructions (how-to), PSAs, case studies, training, and corporate.


The integration of whiteboard animation videos in educational settings is transforming the ways students learn.

It's an innovative approach that marketers and businesses have used to spread their brand messaging, and it's now making an impact on educational institutions all around the world.

What is the reason for this? Well, much of it has to do with the truth that recent developments have thrown the educational scene into disarray, requiring us all to reconsider how we do just about anything.

Shareable videos, on the other hand, have grown fairly popular. Whiteboard videos have taken over as the preferred method of delivering knowledge to learners, as almost no one enjoys watching hour-long recordings of their teachers speaking into a camera.
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Whiteboard animation is a video style that has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Many firms' communication and marketing tactics, whether outbound or inbound, have been drastically altered as a result of it.

There's no denying that video marketing has seized many thriving companies' marketing strategies. This is unsurprising, given that 70% of marketers feel that videos generate a high return on investment.
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Instructions or “how-to”

Because whiteboard videos are simple to use and friendly on the eyes, they can be a great tool for a step-by-step guide on how to use your brand’s products or services, for example, or even how to fill out a form.

You could utilize instructional whiteboard videos to demystify complicated concepts and even reduce tech support calls and backorders.

Public service announcements (PSAs)

Throughout World War II, the "Loose lips can sink ships" campaign in the US and the UK was the first public service announcement. PSAs have made a lot of progress since then.

They've evolved into a powerful instrument for telling a story, supporting a cause, ushering in progressive change, and raising public knowledge and exposure to societal issues.

Animated PSAs, notably whiteboard animation videos are at the forefront of engaging and entertaining the audience while still serving the purposes of raising awareness.

This being said, whiteboard animation videos are great for NGOs.
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Case studies

While case studies are the backbone of several industries or companies, they can be pretty dull to read or challenging to understand.

This is because even though the information being presented is almost always presented under different titles and subtitles, reading through blocks of text, as has been previously mentioned, can be boring.

To avoid confusing your readers with endless paragraphs, consider translating the contents of your case studies into an animated whiteboard video. That way, you will be able to make the content more interesting and engaging while still delivering all the necessary points of your case study.

Training programs

Many companies and non-profit organizations thrive on training sessions for either their employees or groups of people interested in a certain topic.

This is because a person is more likely to retain information and understand the processes they should do when visual aids are accompanying the material being presented.

Many organizations prepare and deliver training sessions on different topics for different audiences, and they have reported that presenting the information in a dynamic video format is more effective than through PDF files containing the same information.

Since whiteboard animation videos are more engaging and have multiple benefits, why not consider using them for your training sessions?
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Pros and cons of whiteboard videos

Hyper-specific content.

Fun and engaging.

Complicated content rendered easy.


Sorry, can’t think of any.

Is it because there aren’t any?

I think so.

Give whiteboard videos a go.

Whiteboard Animated Video: Duration and Price

Many animations have to go through similar developmental stages as whiteboard animations. Your whiteboard animation video will require a script once the story and styling components are finalized.

The storyboard will then be animated by our talented team of artists. From inception to delivery, our normal process usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks. 

It’s critical to explain your goal as clearly as possible from the start of your project. 

Then, fewer modifications will be required as our team will understand the desired vibe of your video, which means that it will be finished much sooner!

Remember that you should always first establish your desired call to action in order to create an efficient whiteboard video. You’ll be well on your way to converting your leads to customers or followers if you recognize your brand and the critical elements to their response.

Once you’ve established this, contact us to get going on your upcoming whiteboard animation production!

Whiteboard animated video price, similar to most major video formats, are affected by a variety of factors. The entire price of your video is determined by the total animation time, character design, and timetable pace.

Our price is calculated by multiplying the number of artist hours by the length of the video. 

Our production studio experts can advise you on how to get the most bang for your buck.

However, whiteboard videos are more cost-effective to create than any other sort of video, in addition to having a powerful and concise call to action. Check out our prices breakdown here.

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