How Whiteboard Animated Videos can boost your Marketing Campaign


When the words “Video Marketing” are evoked, the first types of videos that come to mind are the following: “Explainer Videos” and most probably Whiteboard Animated Videos.

Whiteboard animation has become a very popular and an extremely effective marketing tool in recent years. Videos in general are very engaging, and easy on the eye in terms of connecting with target audiences. But Whiteboard Animated Videos have the ability to take those pros to another level.  

So we ask ourselves the following questions: What makes Whiteboard Animated Videos stand out as a marketing tool? How can they boost your business’ marketing efforts?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why Whiteboard Animation is considered as such, such as:

Complex Topics are Easier to Understand 

Whiteboard Animation is a great medium to use when the content that is being outlined is dense, abstract and complex. Whiteboard Animated videos combine images, text and audio in a way that display the content in a simple, informative and engaging manner.  

Whiteboard Animated Videos can include humorous and thoughtful images that keep people interested in the subject. 

They Have the Ability to Bring Bland, Dry Material to Life

Topics that are not considered as “mainstream” and cater to a niche group are considered as bland and dry for most people. 

If people are disinterested and bored they are unlikely to maintain attention or remember the content in the future.  

Whiteboard Animated Videos can enable your business to create engaging content, imagery and metaphors that resonate with the audience. 

Whiteboard Animation Makes Content Catchy and Distributable Across the Digital Sphere

People in general are visual learners. Pages with images and/or videos draw on average 94% more views than their text-only counterparts. 

Landing pages with video regardless of their format convert customers approximately 86% more frequently than those with plain-text formats.

Since Whiteboard Animated Videos combine text, images and audio, they are very efficient in terms of delivering messages and stories that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

This theory is supported by a study conducted by British Psychology Professor Dr. Richard Wiseman. Dr. Wiseman conducted a study called “The Retention Deficit”. Dr. Wiseman showed 2,000 people two videos that have the same script. One video was a talking head and the other was a whiteboard animation and both used the same speech.  

The study demonstrated that 92% of viewers remembered essential information from the whiteboard animated version, while 70% of viewers remembered key data from the talking head version.  

Regarding that 22% difference in retention of factual information, Dr. Wiseman remarked that “by adding animation, [you see] a very big increase in not only enjoyment and entertainment, but in knowledge transfer.”

The same study also asserted that the Whiteboard Animated Video was 33% more entertaining and 66% more likely to be shared.


The most effective marketing mediums are visual by nature, and Whiteboard Animation are at the forefront of the Video Marketing industry.

They optimize your business’ Marketing efforts and they substantially boost revenues and provide for a more entertaining, organic form of engagement with the audience.  

At we are passionate about visual storytelling and our main objective is to cater to clients and help them outline their stories in an engaging and informative way.  

If your business is thinking about producing a Whiteboard Animated Video we are available and more than happy to talk.  


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