Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Whiteboard animation videos are gaining significant traction. They have grown to become very popular and efficient marketing tools. They are organically connecting with the target audiences. 

Here are 4 key benefits of incorporating Whiteboard Animation Videos as part of your business’ marketing strategy:

Whiteboard Animation Engages Viewers


Whiteboard Animated videos combine eye-catching visual elements with animated characters, an audio track and compelling voiceover. As a result, they are able to educate and/or train the viewer on a specific subject in a way that draws the attention of the target audience and captivates them.

Whiteboard animation videos are also great at outlining complex messages in a simple and easy format that resonate with the audience. Since everything which is illustrated is simplified, they will become much more receptive to your business’ message. 

Renowned psychology Professor Dr. Richard Wiseman stated in a study that whiteboard animated videos also boost audience retention rate by 15%. Since audiences can better memorize and store information displayed on a Whiteboard Animated video, this clearly indicates a high level of engagement with that format.

After all, making your customer remember your business and your products and services is an essential marketing objective. The more they remember about your brand from that first interaction, the more likely they are to seek out more information. 

Another key element comes into play: the psychological effect of Whiteboard videos. They are so effective because they stimulate viewer anticipation. The audience is eager to find out what is being drawn next. When the next drawing is generated, it surprises and rewards the viewers’ brain with dopamine. This process helps them maintain constant engagement with the video until its end.

Whiteboard Animation boosts Brand Awareness

In the digital age, the need to grab your viewer’s attention is of paramount importance. Video content can help your business achieve that objective.

But the challenge lies in producing a video that will instantly captivate the target audience. According to a study by Microsoft, the average attention span of a human being is merely 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000.

If your business wants to implement an efficient marketing strategy, it has to take into consideration the fact that prospects do not have the patience to go through all of your content.

You take a few seconds to convince a user to stop scrolling down their social media account and pay attention to your content. Once the video grabs their attention, it has to be intriguing enough to make them keep watching, and useful enough to prompt them to share.

The visually eye-catching nature of whiteboard animated videos boost organic reach without the need to aggressively and explicitly advertise a product or a service. If your business opts to share a whiteboard video on a social media platform, it’s highly likely that people will watch and share your video at their own volition. This automatically boosts your business’ brand awareness and image. 

The drawing hand, logos, themes and color palettes used in Whiteboard animated videos hold a certain visual appeal that connects with the audience. Ultimately, provided that the message is adequately conveyed by your business, your prospects are bound to associate themselves with its message and its brand image.

Long story short, Whiteboard animated videos are effective in terms of establishing the association between your business and the content it provides.


Whiteboard Animation increases Sales


Once the Whiteboard animated video is effectively able to educate the target audience about your business’ products and services, break down complex ideas, and increase brand recognition, it is bound to increase sales as well.

Video marketing as a whole is now the quintessential marketing tool:

The numbers speak for themselves. Using a powerful, creative, and engaging whiteboard animation is bound to boost sales conversions and increase your business’ revenues and profit margins.

There are perhaps two X-factors that play a key role in boosting sales when it comes to producing a whiteboard animated video:

The Script

A compelling script used for narration is essential to guide a viewer seamlessly through a video and maintain their attention. Producing a script that shines through, with the crafty visuals will optimize the viewer experience and generate great results.

A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Including a short and clear CTA, such as a brief “Start Your Free Trial Today!” sentence at the end of the video, will incentivize the viewers to take action. At the very least, they will find out more about your business’ products and services and they will likely opt to make a purchasing decision.

Whiteboard Animation tells a Story

Whiteboard animated videos do not only increase viewer engagement, generate brand awareness, increase sales and ROIs and boost memory retention. 

They are also fun and entertaining. They are meant to be lighthearted and put people in a good mood. The script and the style add a touch of humor to the video whilst maintaining professionalism.

This is especially true if your business is selling complex products and services. Whiteboard animated video brings dry and bland content to life. It is the process of creating a story right in front of the target audience’s eyes.

Whiteboard animated videos that educate the audience, focus on their needs, and address their pain points are bound to constitute a great storytelling medium. 

Absolutely nobody can resist a well-told story that appeals to the senses and the emotions. It mesmerizes the viewers, and it is able to constantly keep them on their toes. 


In conclusion, whiteboard animated videos that are properly produced will offer your business a unique opportunity to be recognized, expand, and eventually establish meaningful connections with the target audience.