Process of Creating a Whiteboard Animated Video

Step 1: Consultation


During this initial step we set a meeting with your business and we learn what your objectives are, plus the project and the animation requirements.

Once all of the objectives are outlined, alongside the scope of the project and the deadline, we create a detailed schedule in the form of a Gantt chart.

It will highlight all the key dates, the deliverables, alongside the reviews and approvals by your business.

Step 2: Writing the script


When it comes to creating a whiteboard animated video, many people emphasize on visuals at the expense of the script.  We, at, disagree with that assessment.

A video needs compelling narration that goes along with it. This is especially true for whiteboard videos, because they need to convey a clear message on behalf of your business. 

As far as writing the script goes, there are three factors that we take into consideration.

The Hook

It takes a couple of seconds for people to decide if they watch the rest of the video or not. Whiteboard videos must have the necessary ingredients to keep people hooked.

During those first few seconds, we make sure to address the viewer’s pain points in a creative way. 

A Core Message

Basically, it’s the main message that your business is trying to convey. The whiteboard video will be judged based on that message. 

We transmit a clear and concise message to maintain engagement with the viewers and introduce your brand image to them.

The Call-To-Action

As a video marketing strategy, the key is to prompt viewers to take action and drive them further down the marketing funnel.

This is where a Call-to-Action (CTA) is needed. Without a CTA, no value can be extracted out of the video.

We definitely don’t force a Call-to-Action down the audience’s throat. We, at, introduce a CTA that comes as a natural component within the story. 

Regarding the script’s content, our main goal is to teach and educate your target audience.

We make sure to tell the audience what specific problem your business’ product solves, and we also describe how it solves it.

In other words, we take on complex concepts and break them down into bits and chunks to transmit the message in an easy and relatable way.

Step 3: Recording the Voiceover

If your business intends to convey a message in a clear and poignant manner, the audio track is recorded by a voiceover artist.

They will process the audio track, remove background noise, and re-record the interpretation of the script in multiple intonations.

This will enable your video to sound more professional in the eyes of the viewer.

We use the best possible equipment available: noise-canceling microphones, pop shields, and we record in quiet rooms in order to minimize echoes.

Step 4: The Storyboard

A storyboard is a very critical stage of the process: It is a visual representation of how the video will unfold shot-by-shot.

It’s made up of a series of squares with drawings representing each shot, the same way comic strips are created.

We, at, ensure that each scene is written and sketched out.

At this stage, we also determine the look and feel of the video, alongside the character styles, colors, the fonts and the look of the icons.

We also include notes inside the storyboard, to give a better idea about what is going on in the scene. 

Simply put, the storyboard is going to actually show how your business’ video will play out and what it will look like. 

Step 5: The animation

The pièce de résistance.

During this stage of the process, the drawings are created, in sync with the voiceover by an animated hand.

In some cases, we at, mix the hand-drawn style with some traditional animation to add some personality to the videos and to highlight certain parts of the story.


Step 6: Adding the music


Adding music to the video will give it an extra edge to drawing the viewer’s attention.

When it comes to choosing music tracks, we opt for cost-effective measures that compliment your video and benefit your business.

Final Delivery:

We combine the animated scenes with the other elements and add the audio track, and deliver it in your preferred format, within the predetermined deadline.