Process of Creating a Whiteboard Animated Video

Over the past decade and a half, we’ve established and perfected a tried-and-true video production process that has prompted us to produce awesome video material. Since you are at the epicenter of every level of production thanks to our cohesive philosophy, you will be able stay up to speed with the process.

A typical 60-to-90-second whiteboard video requires on average 2 to 4 weeks to complete, though more complicated videos might need a little more time. We do, however, accept expedited jobs based on our team’s availability.

Here’s how the magic happens:

Step 1: Getting to know you


This first step is perhaps the most valuable one to us, because we would get to know you better and get a deeper understanding of what your brand image and target audience are.

For this first meeting, you would give us a rundown of your objective/s, target audience, and your animation requirements (color scheme, style…) Once all of the objectives are aligned and the project’s deadline is set, we would then create a detailed schedule that would highlight all the key dates and the deliverables. This also includes your reviews and approvals.

In case you were wondering: yes, the consultation is free of charge for you but full of joy for us!

Step 2: Agreeing on the script and concept


When it comes to designing a whiteboard video, many companies prioritize the aesthetics above the storyline. We at Whiteboard Animation disagree with that evaluation since we feel that a great video is only as effective as the concept and script accompanying it.

The script defines the general flow of the video, and it requires captivating narration to accompany it. We understand that some clients would rather write their own scripts, which is absolutely acceptable, but w e suggest that you let us know your ideas and let our talented script writers handle the legwork if you haven’t created your own whiteboard animation video script before.

We then present a draft script and solicit your feedback to make sure we’re in the right direction. We make edits based on your input until the script is good to go.

As far as writing the script goes, there are three factors that we take into consideration:

The Hook

Viewers decide whether or not to watch the entire video in a matter of seconds, which is why your whiteboard videos must include the necessary elements to keep viewers interested.

During the initial few seconds, we make a concerted effort to creatively address the audience’s pain points.

A Core Message

Essentially, it is the fundamental message that your brand wishes to express. That message will be used to evaluate the whiteboard video.

We deliver a concise and comprehensible message to preserve viewers’ attention and connect them to your brand or company.

The Call-To-Action

The key to a successful video marketing strategy is to compel viewers to take action and move them further down the marketing funnel. This is where a Call-to-Action (CTA) comes into play. Without a CTA, little to no benefit can be collected from the video. 

We never shove a CTA down the audience’s throat; that’s not the way to go. Instead, we at  Whiteboard Animation introduce a CTA that is a naturally occurring element in the narrative.

In terms of script substance, our primary purpose is to instruct and educate your target audience. We make sure to regularly show the audience what precise problem your company’s product addresses and how it does so.

In other words, we break down difficult topics into bits and pieces in order to convey the information in a simple and relevant manner.

Step 3: Recording the Voiceover

You should be aware that a voiceover is the major driver of your video. When selecting a voiceover, we must ensure that the voice we pick is capable of delivering the appropriate tone and exclamations, since the voice over can make or break a video.

Our voiceover team will process the audio track, eliminate background noise, and re-record the script’s adaptation in numerous intonations, making your video sound more polished.

We use high-quality equipment, including noise-canceling microphones and pop shields, and we record in isolated spaces to avoid echoes.

Step 4: Developing the storyboard

A storyboard is an integral element in the development since it reveals our concept for how to convey the plot. It’s created out of squares with artwork depicting each shot, similar to how comic strips are done.

At this stage, we settle on the overall look and feel of your whiteboard video, as well as the character styles, colors, fonts, and the design of the icons. We also incorporate annotations inside the storyboard sketch to provide a better understanding of what is happening in each scene.

The storyboard, like a movie under development, provides a visual representation of the end piece. It can be revised and modified as per your opinions and our suggestions until we agree that the story’s flow is optimal.

Simply said, the storyboard will demonstrate how and what your company’s video will look like.

Step 5: Creating the animation

La pièce de résistance.

During this stage of the process, the drawings are created, in sync with the voiceover by an animated hand.

Animation is the process of layering all of the graphics, sounds, and messages to construct the final animated video that is synced with the voiceover narration. In certain situations, we combine components of whiteboard animation with elements of other styles to add flair to the videos and accentuate specific portions of the storyline.


Step 6: Getting the vibe right


A whiteboard video is more than just animation and voiceover. Background music is important to us at Whiteboard Animation, and we use it to the best of our ability.

Although background music might not be a core component of the whiteboard video, it has been scientifically demonstrated to increase viewers’ emotional connection with what is being delivered.

As a result, adding music to the video will give it an edge. When it comes to music, we choose tracks that succeed in immersing viewers in the perfect atmosphere to complement your video.

Final Delivery

We combine the animated sequences with the other components, add the audio track, and deliver it to you in your desired format based on the predetermined deadline.