Types of Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Most businesses are now using explainer videos as a medium to market their brand, generate more awareness, and increase their customer base.

Whiteboard animated videos are among the most well-known styles of explainer videos.

There are several types of whiteboard animated videos based on the target audiences’ needs, the types of products or services showcased, and the identity of the target audience itself.

Corporate Animated Videos


Corporate whiteboard animated videos are an exciting and innovative way for businesses and corporations to advertise and market their products and services.

This constitutes a great opportunity to introduce yourself as a business, outline your business model, your products, services, and convey the message and/or the story. 

Whiteboard animated corporate videos also can end with a strong call-to-action statement. The actor that provides the voiceover for the video should direct the viewers to visit your business’ website to obtain more information about the brand.

If your business’ message is well outlined, this will significantly increase conversion rates.

Keep in mind that in the Digital age, hard sales pitches don’t work as much as they used to since people can use the Internet as a means to do their own research about a brand or products.

Whiteboard animated corporate videos are a great way to expose those two elements and showcase them in an engaging and meaningful way. 

Marketing Animated Videos

Whiteboard Animated marketing videos are also great in terms of allowing your business to stand out from the competition. This video format gives your brand, products and services a personality. 

They allow your prospects and existing customer base to effectively and organically connect with the story that your business is trying to unfold.

The element of Whiteboard animation itself plays a key part engaging with the viewers. The simplicity and aesthetics of whiteboard animation makes it a very effective communication tool.

As the drawing hand unfolds the animation, the viewer eagerly watches the story unfold. This generates viewer anticipation and maintains their attention on the video itself.

If the viewer guesses the unfolding image correctly, their brain gets a big boost of dopamine.

As a result, carefully crafted Whiteboard animated marketing videos are bound to draw and maintain the viewers’ attention, and generate lead conversions in the medium to long run. 


Process Animated Videos


Whiteboard animation is essentially a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures are drawn on a whiteboard by the author.

They serve as very strong communication tools.

Complex processes used by your business, for example the working of machinery, the assembly of parts, are effectively broken down and illustrated with the help of whiteboard animations.

For products that are being built or services that are being offered, whiteboard animations can be utilized to create impactful process videos. When real pictures are unable to truly convey the message, animated illustrations or drawings can suitably represent the products and the services.

In essence, whiteboard animated process video can provide a blueprint in terms of how the products and services can function.

Educational Animated Videos

Educational videos as a whole, help viewers get a better understanding of a given concept. Long explanations provided in text format tend to be forgotten by people after a certain period of time. This is the concept of information overload.

Educational videos, on the other hand, have a certain visual appeal that allow viewers to get a better understanding of the concept, since it is showcased right in front of them. As far as Whiteboard animation is concerned, it is a very powerful educational tool.

People learn better when cues that highlight the organization of the essential material are added”.

Mayer’s Signaling Principle

Whiteboard animation adopts that principle and follows it through the guidance of the drawing hand. It gradually reveals information, thus working well as a signaling mechanism to draw the viewers’ attention.

Whiteboard animation also adopts the principle of “less is more”. By using simple, yet visually-appealing animated drawings, it makes it easier for viewers to absorb the essential content of the lesson. As a result, they are not overloaded by huge quantities of information. 

Whiteboard animated educational videos are thus well-equipped to engage learners and communicate information in a clear and concise manner.

telling a story

Case Study Animated Videos


Case studies showcased on videos can substantially increase user engagement. For example, they can tell the story about a particular product or service in use by an actual customer. Or they can showcase how your company was able to expand and grow by implementing certain business practices.

Case study videos enable the user to hear your struggles as a business, and obtain a better understanding of what you must have been through. Rather than you telling your potential customers how great you are, case studies allow your existing customers to do the talking. 

First of all, high-quality whiteboard animated case study videos are a great way to provide a voice to your existing customers in a very cost-effective way.

This video format can capture a location or setting without having to travel or scout out locations.

There is also a shorter time frame as far as production is concerned. With only a handful of artists creating a series of animated images, there is a faster turnaround time than multiple shooting days with customers or company members, and having to edit all of the additional footage. 

Although whiteboard animated case study videos may not appear to be as authentic as live footage, they are far easier to control. For example, permission or life rights for film don’t have to be acquired in order to use the likeness of an individual. 

Training Animated Videos

As the old adage goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. 

Video content may be worth a million more. Video-based training is no longer an optional solution. It has become the new normal

Using video as a training media increases interactivity, engagement and participation on behalf of the viewer.

Videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere: employees do not need to be gathered at one physical venue.

Whiteboard animated training videos, through the series of “live” drawings that combine a solid script, crisp and powerful imagery, and a voiceover that describes the procedures in detail, constitute a very powerful training tool.

They are fast gaining traction and popularity as an impactful tool for training the intended viewers.

Their ability to explain and illustrate the instructions, will help the trainees see how things work and better grasp and eventually master the tasks at hand.


With that being said, they still constitute a very compelling medium in order for your business to lend a voice to existing customers, and build trust with the target audience.