Whiteboard Animation Videos in Ottawa

Tourism and Marketing

Tourism is at the core of Ottawa’s soul for more than one reason. As Canada’s capital, Ottawa draws visitors from all around the globe who come to see its historic buildings and landmarks, experience its culture and art, and take in the unparalleled sights. Ottawa is known for being a lovely city both during the day and at night, where families and tourists of all ages will find plenty to savor.

Forests, lakes, and rivers are just the tip of the iceberg. Since 2001, the federal government has experienced consistent expansion.

As a result, the Ottawa economy has been steadily growing since then. Despite the fact that Ottawa’s reputation precedes it, there are several opportunities for its Regional Municipality to enhance tourism even more.


Marketing for the travel and tourism biz involves more than just publishing great pictures and delivering stories about ways to enjoy fun in the sun.

When it comes to great storytelling, there are several important hurdles, particularly when employing visuals such as the correct combination of graphics or recordings.

We specialize in developing marketing material for many parts of the travel and tourist sector and have years of expertise.

Whiteboard animated videos can help travel enterprises and local tourist authorities with their content marketing strategies. These videos are short and to the point with minimal text, making them excellent for promoting sites and tourism.

Content can be made more approachable and consumable with animated whiteboard video productions in Ottawa. A whiteboard video is perfect for conveying clarity swiftly for more complicated activities that demand a lot of explaining.

Whiteboard videos break down your thoughts into manageable bits, making it easier for a large audience to fully comprehend what the activity or subject matter is all about.

Explanation or demonstration of measures to guarantee the precautionary measures you pick for your trip or activity, for instance, can easily be lost in writing. Ottawa animated video production can carry that extensive material and make it appear simple, instantly dispelling concerns about your activities.

Remember when you were idly scrolling through your social media page, but the motion of a video prompted you pause and pay notice?

Images vs Videos for Ottawa Tourism



The picture of tourism locations is significant since it determines not only travelers’ destination choice but also their overall satisfaction.

Destinations frequently compete with one another based on more than just the picture that they can construct in the minds of the targeted tourists.

As a result, tourism marketers devote significant resources for creating a pleasant and attractive picture that entices potential tourists to come or return to their place.

Ottawa animated explainer video productions produce more views and impressions compared to other forms of media. Impressions are used to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

They quantify the amount of times your material (ads, video ads, etc.) were showcased to your target audience irrespective of whether they engaged with it or not.

Videos also have a larger ROI — data demonstrates that video advertisements have a higher CTR than single-image advertisements, with the mean single-image ad CTR being 1.0 percent and the mean video ad CTR being 2.3 percent.

What can we deduce?

Though real pictures are able to promote Ottawa’s beautiful views for which it is famed, animated whiteboard video productions can help tourists as well as locals be more aware of life around them.  

Municipalities and governmental agencies in Ottawa can invest in whiteboard animated videos as awareness videos for the city’s residents, introducing and promoting the city’s positive traits to attract business owners and improve the city’s public image, and informing citizens and government officials of the process developments of different plans.

Ottawa animation video productions would also allow municipalities to effectively express the mayor’s and council’s ideas and concepts, all while attracting tourists and new residents to the region.



The end game for every organization is to get your message out to your target audience. That is why our Ottawa whiteboard animation video production approaches are always up to date and keep your growth at the forefront of our efforts. Whether your firm is small or large, animated videos can help you stand out.

A great video is about much more than just displaying information about your products and services; it is about motivating your target audience to connect with your brand and eventually convert them into devoted consumers.

Whether for Ottawa locals or not, Whiteboard Animation’s video creation capabilities are a key component of the marketing funnel.  Businesses that use animated videos in Ottawa have a greater ROI because we go above and beyond to surpass your expectations.


How Whiteboard Animation Videos Help in Developing Ottawa's Marketing Sector

Ottawa offers a lively and developing business climate, as well as several advantages that set it apart from other regions in North America and allow enterprises to launch and grow swiftly. 

This implies that marketing in Ottawa, particularly digital marketing, must be in top form. This is where whiteboard animation videos come into play. With whiteboard videos, which are renowned for their complex-to-simple approach and their abilities to attract and engage prospects, are among the best things that a business or organization can invest in.

First order of business: the buyers’ journey.

The buyer’s journey is the intense inquiry process that a prospective buyer goes through prior to making a purchase. It walks them through the processes of being aware of a need, contemplating several options to meet that need, and finally choosing between the many alternatives.

Classical marketing channels such as TV, newspapers, and radio have now become obsolete. These conventional marketing tools have been supplanted by new marketing systems such as social media and search algorithms, laying the groundwork for digital marketing to become today’s innovative form of marketing.

If your company wants a whiteboard video to reveal the buyer’s journey, from attraction to consumption, you must contact video services to design and produce the ideal instructional video.


Buyer's Journey and Marketing Funnel

First, an individual faces a difficulty, a concern, or a need and seeks the best solution. In other words, they’re looking for information concerning the troubles they’re experiencing.

They are at the Awareness Stage of the buyer’s journey, and your firm should be among the first to surface in their search for answers to their problems. This is the Attract Stage in the Marketing Funnel.

Implementing whiteboard animations for the Attract Stage is a highly effective way to communicate with your audience since they are one of the most engaging types of videos and they address a variety of topics.

At the second phase of the buyer’s journey, the Consideration Phase, the prospective client is familiar with your firm and its image, but they’re eager to learn more. They want to learn more about possible vendors.

In the Engage Stage, they are analyzing the many possibilities and selecting which will be the right match for their needs. Quality is essential when it comes to pushing a message and/or constructing a story.

Whiteboard animated videos enter the picture and become a force to be reckoned with. Whiteboard videos are visually appealing and are among the top-rated techniques for keeping your audience engaged with and interested in your brand’s products or services.


This is the most important stage in effectively converting prospects into paying customers.

They are conscious of your company’s identity as well as the products and services it offers. Customers should still make a final choice, hopefully choosing your firm over the competition – this is known as the Decision or Close Phase.

Using whiteboard videos for the Close Phase allows you to deliver step-by-step animations that provide detailed information to resolve any doubts they may still have, as well as how-to guideline videos that show how to use your product or service or how to seal the deal with your label to said individuals.


In summary, since they provide information in a logical order, whiteboard animated videos are a wonderful marketing tool.

Whiteboard Animation’s creative team manages your video project from start to finish, delivering a Marketing whiteboard video that will undoubtedly steal the show and eventually result in the best video marketing material adapted to your company’s demands.