Whiteboard Animation Videos in Vancouver


Why us?

With an engaging, compelling explainer video, you can increase your visibility, secure your customer base, and promote more of what you have to give.

Our crew of animated whiteboard video professionals at our Vancouver video production studio has created the right video content for businesses all around the world. We cherish what we do, and we work tirelessly every day to make flawless video pitches.

Whether you’re a renowned firm looking to expand your branding or a startup looking to get the message out about a service or product, our team at Whiteboard Animation can design a video that gets recognition and clicks, promotes your brand, and generates a continuous stream of sales.

The economy of Vancouver is diversified, but one its most important sectors is technology. What springs to mind when someone says they work in the tech industry? Because the word can apply to a wide range of services, businesses, and applications, it can be tricky to identify what a brand in “the technology sector” actually does.

Many Vancouver organizations in the technology industry use various apps or systems to sell their products, but these techniques are sometimes difficult for non-technologists to understand.


To get over this problem, you could use our Vancouver whiteboard animated video production services.  In a world as intricate as the tech sector, videos are a wonderful way to communicate tough concepts in a basic manner.

whiteboard animation

Animated whiteboard video production services in Vancouver, notably whiteboard animation videos, can quickly synthesize difficult themes in Vancouver’s tech sector, making them a great form of media content for technological firms.

Whiteboard animation videos can also be used to clearly guide your clients or staff through the know-how processes while costing your firm very little.

While tech firms typically opt for more professional video styles, whiteboard animated explainer video productions have several benefits in terms of B2C communication, via:

  • Product demos and how-to videos for the general public
  • Customer service purposes to replace dull FAQs pages
  • Social media posts

In a world in which everyone is always on the go, it’s a good idea to create animated tech videos that are concise and short enough for people to watch.

In truth, a series of short videos lasting from 60 to 90 seconds garners more attention than a single long one.

By integrating your logo and a CTA in the last sequence of the animated video, you would increase your CTRs and ROI across several distribution channels, such as your company’s social media accounts and customer mailings.

Cartoon character motion stories involve a tale or illustrate an idea by using cartoon characters.

Many cartoon whiteboard video productions have a storyteller and one or many cartoon characters that are involved in a plot that is progressing.

Whiteboard animation marketing videos provide a great deal of freedom, creativity, and diversity.

Our Vancouver whiteboard animation video production team can help you put your business to the forefront of public consciousness.

We can create outstanding videos to grab the right attention for the success of your organization thanks to our long experience.