5 Reasons to Include a Whiteboard Corporate Video for your Business

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Whiteboard corporate videos are an interesting and innovative way for business owners to market their products or services. There are many sources out there, providing various whiteboard animation services. Always do your research first to get the best of the best when it comes to whiteboard animation video company.

Video content is one of the best marketing tools at your disposal in Canada 2021. According to a recent Cisco study, 82% of consumer internet traffic is video. Why? It’s faster and easier than written words to impart information. It can be downloaded and rewatched at its own time, and most importantly, it can be shared via social media platforms.

Regardless of your company’s industry, whether in Canada or elsewhere, it must be on alert and capable to differentiate which marketing strategy suits your business best. Always keep in mind that a whiteboard corporate video on your own site can reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and it’s relatively inexpensive to hire a whiteboard video production company to do all the work for you. A video marketing strategy run by professional whiteboard animation services grants a great ROI. Here are the 5 reasons why whiteboard corporate video is fundamental for your business.

Whiteboard Corporate Video builds Brand Awareness

Whiteboard animation video services work on enhancing your brand awareness by visually compelling whiteboard corporate video; it keeps potential clients on edge while watching your brief, yet interesting corporate whiteboard video. So far, you’ve most probably realized that a whiteboard corporate video is rather unique and that quality helps in your brand awareness. How? It diversifies content on your website, helping you reach the first page in Google. In addition, it enriches your social media platforms as a great learning tool for your potential customers, and all this sums up a grand branding tool.

As a content provider, it is only natural to expect your content to be memorable. A whiteboard corporate video does just that, thus imprinting your brand message in viewership’s minds. When a video is complex, cluttered, and hard to understand, it will definitely slip from memory. A well-respected whiteboard video production company works on leaving marks in the minds of your audiences, hence your brand’s story will cause an impact.


Whiteboard Corporate Video is Customizable and Compelling


First of all, a whiteboard corporate video is highly customizable. You can control your end product or service down to the very last details. This means that you can attribute your brand colors in your corporate whiteboard video. This is particularly of essence to ensure your color palette and your message are on-brand; this solidifies your brand. Let’s say you use the Canadian flag colors, the whiteboard video production company gives you the exact colors, with the precise hues. Furthermore, the characters are also customizable, meaning that you can perfectly represent your target audience. You can also customize the background music if you’ve decided to include that, the style of voiceover, etc. This represents your brand in an engaging and understandable way that viewers can relate to. In addition, whiteboard corporate video is adaptable to any industry.

Whiteboard Corporate Video Simplifies Complex Ideas

Whiteboard animation services work around the main idea which is simplifying complex concepts to be enjoyable by audiences. Those simple images in a corporate whiteboard video are easier to process cognitively. A whiteboard animation video company is aware that you will be targeting and attracting a large number of viewers. Thus it explains your products and services. This maintains your relationship with your client. Whiteboard video services allow you to build characters around your ideal buyer persona. Hence, your corporate whiteboard video will be both fantastic and simple – no fluff, every second count. They are entertaining which makes them easy to weave in personality and humor, thus eliminating the complex part. Note that our client doesn’t have to actually live in Canada. We work worldwide.
Regarding tidying your website, video content is always good to clean up your website. Too many elements on your landing page can contribute to a high bounce rate and reduced traffic. On the other hand, whiteboard corporate video is a terrific shareable content and is easy for you and viewers to post across different social channels. The SEO benefit is also the same because a whiteboard corporate video makes your site more mobile-friendly. Few people still enjoy scrolling through text. Ergo, more traffic can lead to more conversions, such as sales.


Whiteboard Corporate Video is Simple and Funny

No doubt that whiteboard animation video services tailor your corporate whiteboard video in order to leave a mark and consume viewers.
The storytelling feel of whiteboard corporate video gives a vivid concept of your business and its products or services. Hand-drawn images and text do the job. By the same token, a whiteboard animation video company can provide you with a voiceover to further communicate your message. People enjoy videos that share entertaining and informative content.
When you witness something marvelous unraveling, you can’t just turn a blind eye, can you? Your viewers would perceive such experience when watching images and text unfurl on a whiteboard. Make sure you have the proper narration and images for your whiteboard corporate video; it will totally engage your audience from the beginning until the very last second.

Whiteboard Corporate Video is Cost-Effective

If your business is looking for content that gives higher returns on lesser investments, a whiteboard animation video company is the right pick; whiteboard video services’ production cost is lower than any other video type while taking a short time to be produced. Having a professional whiteboard animation video company to work on your corporate whiteboard video is much cheaper, faster, and less of a hassle than doing it yourself. If you do, it will not look professional and thus, your business will not thrive the way it would with a professional whiteboard corporate video.
Psychology says that human minds retain visual information more accurately than in textual form. That is a given. That is also another reason to invest in a whiteboard video production company; it creates interest amongst audiences and minds are wired in such a way that they can grasp anything that is simple, entertaining, and engaging. Corporate whiteboard video has the power to portray both facts and figures simultaneously, and with ease.
You have no reason to doubt implementing a whiteboard corporate video as part of your marketing strategy


Working with Whiteboard Video Production Company

There are various reasons why it’s highly recommended and beneficial to work with a professional whiteboard animation video company team, like our Canadian team! Firstly, if you opt for cheap software, you run the risk of relying on stock images and characters. That would be terrible for your brand and business.
When working with a whiteboard animation company, you will be working with professionals with years of experience, who can work to deadlines. Additionally, you will have the chance to talk to the creative team and explain, in-depth, what your idea is from alpha to omega. You can be objective once ideas are aligned.
Sometimes, when we’re too close to our brand to see what works best without a fresh set of eyes, things may go downhill. These are things expert whiteboard animation services provide. They can help you turn ideas into a captivating narrative that fits your brand through and through. Whiteboard animation services can save you time and money!
At whiteboardanimation.ca, we can offer creative treatment and ideas meeting the very core of your concept. We even do both scripts and storyboard your whiteboard corporate video, thus saving you time and stress.

Whiteboard Animation Services and Industries

Many wonder if a whiteboard video production company works for a particular industry. The short answer is “No”. Long answer? Even though there are numerous advantages to exploit whiteboard animation services for your industry, it isn’t ideal for each and every one. That being said, whiteboard animation services work best for Finance, SEO, IT, Education, Engineering, etc. To sum up, whiteboard animation services can be used in almost any field as long as they are employed for educational content, or to present products and services. Again, not just in Canada, but we work globally.

To recap, wielding a whiteboard corporate video helps spread your company’s brand awareness. It also builds strong consumer and company relationships by maintaining clear and direct communication, thus letting your business personality speak for itself.

A whiteboard corporate video’s short form, focus on detail, and story makes them an ideal marketing tool for your business. Throughout the years, corporate whiteboard video has become a trend, popular, and draws users’ focus instantaneously, hence keeping it for the whole duration of the clip.
Through its simplicity, it manages to grab the audience’s attention and retain it until the very end.
A whiteboard corporate video remains a great tool to engage potential customers regardless of what social media platform they are, or on your very own business landing page.

Whiteboardanimation.ca is based in Canada and is a whiteboard animation video company with experience in designing unique whiteboard corporate video for clients. Contact us today!



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