Why you should use animated nonprofit videos

People seem to recall a bigger chunk of information after perceiving it through video than they do when it’s presented in a written document. For this reason,  explainer videos, for instance, are particularly effective tools for grabbing and retaining your audience’s attention.

Leveraging emotional affinity to draw on people’s emotional side while crafting a narrative nonprofit video may inspire empathy in prospective benefactors, volunteers, and collaborators. 

When you have a limited amount of time to talk to your audiences, every second matters. And, in a congested world with so many businesses vying for their notice, your audience is being pulled in a myriad of directions. 

Animated nonprofit videos, especially whiteboard videos, allow you to visually illustrate the principles driving your institution in a matter of seconds to minutes, which holds a huge importance in the modern world.

Because nonprofit video content has the power to resonate with a broader audience on a personal level, viewers have the potential to become funders and spokespeople for your mission. 

Furthermore, explainer nonprofit videos communicate your message in a clear and straightforward yet engaging and fun way, transcending cultures, races, genders, and affiliations.

What are some other benefits that animated nonprofit videos have?

Nonprofit videos raise awareness on pressing issues

Public awareness campaigns are crucial not just for making people aware of specific issues, but also for influencing policy change by placing pressure on legislators and inspiring the societies to speak up and react.

Animated nonprofit videos have the ability to communicate complicated topics clearly, concisely, and in a compelling manner, as well as provide a platform for worldwide audiences to identify with a movement. 

In other words, animated explainer videos  are an excellent form of content for research institutions, organizations, and even educational establishments.

Designing animated campaign videos raises awareness of various major topics that impact a society or a group of people more effectively than textual case studies or text articles. Whether your cause is humanitarian or environmental, there’s a whiteboard video for you.

Nonprofit videos help you acquire funding for your NGO

With over 10 million NGOs worldwide, it can be difficult to pinpoint potential donors and even more difficult to get the needed funding.

As a result, it has become the standard for many organizations to produce animated explainer videos to educate the public about the benevolent work they do for society and to inform potential donors how their contributions or volunteering would make a difference.

This being said, fundraising explainer videos are an essential component of every fundraising campaign. Your animated nonprofit video is more likely to compel viewers to engage with you and take actual action, resulting in increased fundraising traction for your institution.

Nonprofit videos are a great tool for educating people

Many NGOs around the world develop training sessions that focus on a wide range of topics, curated for different groups of people.

These training sessions serve to educate their attendees, whether they are about issues that said attendees might be facing in their entourage and ways they can solve them or about topics in different fields that they can apply in their lives.

These training programs typically consist of several sessions and can span over different periods of time, ranging from a day to months.

This being said, there’s a lot of material to be presented, and the best way to do that is by using whiteboard animated videos because of their proven effectiveness in delivering a message.

Final Thoughts

Charities and nongovernmental organizations commonly utilize two kinds of videos: 30 second “persuasive” clips and 1-2 minute instructive ones. These are targeted to certain audiences by being organized into playlists based on country, cause, sponsors, and explanations.

Whiteboard animation videos are a great contender for these purposes since they can be of any length and are more engaging and appealing than other formats, especially with their CTAs, and we at Whiteboard Animation excel at that.