10 Perquisites Why Whiteboard Video is Superb For Internal Training

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Whiteboard animation is the best marketing tool that has gone mainstream for a reason. So why hire a whiteboard company for your internal business training? Whiteboard video is a peculiar kind of explainer video and it pretty much does what it says on the tin-images, words, diagrams, and audio. Unlike traditional PowerPoint, whiteboard animation utilizes parts of our bits of intelligence simultaneously; both auditory and visual, catered for different types of learners. If you want to describe a process or a procedure, or even a flow chart, whiteboard animation companies can do just that, introducing the subject you require in a powerful way, simplifying complex ideas, leaving the audience fully alert, engaged, and learning while being entertained at the same time. It makes your meaningful content shine. The combination of audio, visuals, animation, and story create a whiteboard video that leaves a mark. Furthermore, it will turn out to be one of the most inspiring ways to train your employees and personnel.

Why should you utilize whiteboard animation for internal training?

Throughout the past years, internal training programs used to be tedious, for both employers and employees. Sitting in a hall, jotting down notes while the speaker lectures non stop about this and that. Employees get bored, lose interest, and start daydreaming. Perhaps they include a video, but still, they find employees to be inert.

As years passed by, whiteboard videos emerged with such competence; corporate training became easier and more fun. Its effectiveness has surprised not just the employees, but employers as well. But why have they become a trend? Well, simply put, they are interesting and the engaging capacity is high. Not to mention the process of simplification, where you break down complex ideas into simpler ones. No matter what kind of internal training you want to do, make sure to hire a top-notch whiteboard animation company. Refrain from trying to do a whiteboard animation yourself; DIY animation videos will result in cheap, low-quality whiteboard videos.

Moreover, hiring a whiteboard company to work on a unified whiteboard video in a creative way, tailoring it to have a relaxed, entertaining atmosphere where learning with fun and is purely implemented is very easy to do in this digital age.

How effective is animation in corporate internal training, really?

As mentioned above, whiteboard animation helps simplify complex concepts into digestible content pieces and keeps viewers engaged while making sure information is fully absorbed. It certainly boosts your audience’s learning skills and productivity. Keep in mind that the end goal for employees to learn to train themselves and act actively in something new and more challenging. That leads to two key elements that an internal training session needs: knowledge and motivation.

Employees are constantly busy and stressed enough without training sessions, hence they probably do not have much mental strength to spare for them. Whiteboard animations succeed in doing them a favor by saving their time, making content compact, and easy to memorize. Shorter learning time conveniently fits our shorter attention span. Thus, more engagement and employees don’t have to roll their eyes and ask themselves, “How long is this going to take?”
Likewise, the company also benefits from whiteboard video training as time is less spent, meaning less money.

Considering the benefit whiteboard animation brings to internal training, there is no reason why you shouldn’t deploy this magnificent piece of technology. If you’re interested and it’s your first time dealing with a whiteboard animation company, start by finding the right one. Like us! We will guide you on which internal training is suitable for you and which is not.

What are the top 10 reasons whiteboard video is perfect for internal training?

When you hire a whiteboard company, you need to make sure their whiteboard video content is palpable and succinct, which are dissimilar from any other type of training resources, where content can be hefty and confusing, not to mention utterly stodgy.

There are various complex rules, regulations, policies, and procedures in a company or an organization that every employee must grasp. Adopting whiteboard animation makes employers and business owners at ease, not stressing over expediting, as they can pack in an enormous amount of information into just one whiteboard video. Whiteboard animation allows companies to lay out precisely how concepts need to be demonstrated, step by step, offering every viewer a clear path to what they need to know.

Here are the optimum 10 reasons whiteboard video is excellent for internal training.

01: Efficiency

Speed and efficiency are requisite in any job, anywhere. Companies struggle with balancing the urgency to have employees actually on the floor, yet simultaneously take the time to continue the process of learning at lengthy training seminars and filling out forms.

This adversity is where the need to hire a whiteboard video company, where information-dense, clear whiteboard animation comes in.

Whiteboard videos can cover an enormous number of concepts compactly in a small amount of time. A decent whiteboard animation would be eye-catchy, highly engaging, and amusing all at once.

02: Amplified Engagement

Employees are human. If boredom hits, they’re simply not going to retain any material. Internal rules and regulations, or how to operate a new software aren’t always the most appealing topics to dive into.

Whiteboard animation makes them compelled, engaging through colorful and dynamic content. Not only will viewers clutch onto the information, but they will also be more open to learning it in the first place.

Whiteboard animation has shown to hold the attention of viewers much longer than other video types. Therefore, whiteboard videos are definitely the go-to for training and captivating every drop of information used.

03: Coherent story

Whiteboard animation storytelling has the wonderful property of nailing the viewers in front of the screen. Its secret is the ability to fascinate the onlookers and keep them captivated in a world that draws its shape second after second. Besides, everybody loves storytellings.

Whiteboard animation is the proper tool to let audience concentrate more on the story and less on technical aspects of building it. In storytelling, a whiteboard video company has two prerequisites that are of great importance to make the story coherent: the writing skills, which is the ability to establish the fundamental points of your story, and the right sensibility to design a story that both, attracts your audience and still hold a lot of information.

The structure of a story is crucial; with the right whiteboard animation video, you are enabled to explore different versions of the same story. A list of facts is not a story. Conversely, telling what your new rules are or how your new software works, these are essential elements to be designed creatively, with audio/voice-over, background music, and enrapturing visuals.

04: Simplification

Whiteboard videos strip down complex and abstruse concepts into simple and elementary ones. A whiteboard video company carries this task out in a creative and unique manner which makes it perfect for internal training. Whiteboard animation videos are very flexible, enabling you to fully engage your staff. Too many numbers or charts can become monotonous and dreary; whiteboard animation makes them amusing and pleasant, by breaking them down into fun charts and statistics.

05: Crisp and compact

Incorporating whiteboard animation into your internal training is a win-win situation. Due to the brevity of whiteboard videos, neither you nor your employees and personnel will get fatigued.

You will remain captivated until it’s over, and that would be a few minutes at most. Adults’ attention span is 8 seconds only! That is exactly why you should discuss that issue with your whiteboard animation company. Time is vital!

06: Emotional References

Use emotional references in your whiteboard animation, regardless of the topic. Those emotions can be whatever you want them to be-Happy, funny, nostalgic, empathetic, emotional, and so on. Use your viewer’s emotions in your favor (and that also takes us back to storytelling).

This can be done by adding elements to your story that will bring back the “good old days” which will make animation videos much more memorable. Appeal to your audience’s emotions to generate identification.

07: Learning ability

Whiteboard animation permits you to target three main ways to learn, by including visuals, audio, and text within one single video. Employers won’t have to worry about employees leaving training unsure of what they need to know or why it’s important. Thus, whiteboard videos are a terrific method to increase learning capabilities, in a new light, during internal training. Video animation training videos have changed the way of learning things.

Whiteboard videos for training are audio-visual communication that can be used for workforce enablement initiatives. With auditory components of videos like voiceovers, music, sound effects; all employees would understand and retain the information shared.

08: Ease of applicability

What comes after understanding is naturally, application. Demonstrating how the viewers can apply what they’ve just been taught is the challenging part.

Whiteboard animation perfectly encapsulates how knowledge can be used in reality. What cannot be described with words can be easily reenacted with whiteboard animation videos.

09: Stress-free workplace

Once your staff undergoes whiteboard animation training, things won’t be the same. Employees won’t stress out about training, meetings, or learning how to do this or that. Whiteboard animation will release them from the constant fear gnawing at them that they will soon have training and it’s going to be never-ending, and dull. 

10: Rewatch your training

If you have missed anything during training or you simply want to rewatch it, whiteboard videos can be accessed from your mobile, your laptop, or wherever you are. Sometimes it is even posted on your company’s website or social media, thus, it’s always there.

Whiteboard animation companies are briskly gaining popularity for using whiteboard videos as an impactful tool for plenty of diverse reasons. Being short yet straight to the point aligns evidently with the needs of every modern corporation. Not only is it used for internal training, but for e-learning, education, marketing, and much more. There is a massive world of whiteboard animation magic waiting for you to explore!
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